The Poisonous Concoction Lulling The Masses To Sleep


I touched briefly in a recent post about the coma that the church is in, induced by satan. Not only has he used sin, idols and worldly pleasures to come against the people of God and the body of Christ, he has also concocted his own version of a drug that has a pinch of humanism a pinch of liberalism a pinch of socialism and a pinch of Communism all mixed in together to lull the people to sleep, and in so doing many are worshipping a false god. He has taken moments from his biggest, or what he perceives as his most impressive actions in history, going back to ancient times, all the way back to the Israelites when they battled the ancient gods. IF you follow along through history, you can see this movement morphing into what we have today. Research socialism, communism, liberalism and Humanism and your eyes will pop out of your head and roll across the floor. There is so much that is blurred and so many lines blurred between all of these ideologies and theologies its hard to distinguish what we’re witnessing today, but you take a pinch of each one of those and you mix it together and you have a brand new New World Order concoction that rivals all ancient communities. Such as the Roman community. We will use that for an example masqueradeing as a democratic republic tolerant of all religious beliefs, even the Jewish religion. This so called tolerant ideology to make all equal mixed in with humanism has survived even into today. Their movement touts tolerance and equality but stops at tolerance for those who believe different than they do. They act like you sprinkled them with Holy Water when you quote the Bible and are quick to rebuke with the word of God in a twisted understanding. Because even satan knows scripture . This video by Tucker Carlson I found to be very interesting and informative just a few short minutes at the beginning where he explains why liberalism is a religion, and it’s so true. 

 You can see today’s liberals and the liberal Democrats and the leftists for who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. It’s what Obama tried to accomplish in his eight years of erasing all borders of the world. Let’s have a new world order, it even began with Bush, the senior Bush who declared that the new world order was coming.

The Arab Spring the manufactured migrant crisis of Europe, there are think-tanks who understand this and who understand that this was a push to break up the European Union and to introduce a mixture of people and ideologies with a common goal of a free society, human rights thrown to the wind, these secret groups rise to power thriving off of ethnic cleansing and wars until only their ideology reigns supreme. Remember we were warned of a mix of this type in Daniel with the vision of the statue, the iron and Clay does not mix it never does. I’m not preaching intolerance don’t get me wrong but it was manufactured whether it was for economic reasons, power reasons, or racial reasons, I don’t know. But anybody that points that out is labeled as a racist and it’s almost ridiculous. The Bilderberg’s, the George Soros’s foundation they’re all working for this open border society and to have a mixture of these ideologies, to bring one world government and one world religion.

Throw radicalism in the mix for the recipe of a disasterous, comatous society, to allow fundamental transformation by the secret groups like soros, bilderbergs and the council on foreign relations and it’s easy to see what happened in the last decade, remember Obama was handpicked by these groups and at one point people were told the ship heading for the New World Order is leaving, you can either get on it or be left behind. Now Obama said from the very start he was going to fundamentally transform America and anyone that stood in his way, well names were taken for future scores to be settled. He even attacked and named as his number one opponent, the Christians and those conservatives who cling to their Traditions, their Bible and their guns. Then later Hillary Clinton even announced in order for changes to be made deep-seated religious biases had to be changed. So I guess we see why there is so much turmoil and why these radicals are calling for so much violence and inciting violence but I don’t understand exactly why the church has swallowed this concoction without even questioning its ingredients. When you take a look at the whole picture and all of the moving parts it’s easy to see the Beast that has formed and is trying to take over and it’s causing the whole world to bow to it through its lies of the false prophet. And is, that this is the only way to peace and prosperity. For the Christian, this is the same tolerance Rome claimed, but we all know how that turned out for Christians.

This is some of the mixtures that I referred to as a new drug by Satan to lull the church into a drug-induced coma. I can’t say this enough that it’s time to realize what has happened, it’s time to realize what’s going on. Yes we are bound to give respect to government we are bound to give respect to leaders because as the Bible tells us God installs the leaders for his purpose, but we are also commanded to recognize what is happening and understand.
“What I say to one I say to all, WATCH.”

“For those who eyes to see, and ears to hear.”

If you are blind, I suggest you get in the word, buy salve from Christ for your eyes and remove the scales.

Our home is not this world, and there is only one way to peace and the Kingdom of God. Through the Messiah, the Son of God.
Satan has again offerred a poisonous apple to humankind and we have consumed every bit of it even the seeds, and are planting satan’s great deception over the entire globe.

Commentary by C.Refsland

Suggested reading: New World Order…The beginning of the end of the Bilderberg era

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