Don’t Take The MSM Media’s Road To Propaganda, Leading Only To Confusion And Chaos

The Great Divide over our border. 

 I could argue both sides of this debate and still come out the loser. As the media that has become a total and complete wreck scrambles, and pays to obtain photographs that tug at your Heartstrings and manipulate public opinion, there is another story and other questions that are being buried in this massive tornado of misunderstanding. You see the media learned in the last election that people pay attention to the news, however they also said that social media is a reason why Trump won and they’re accusing social media Giants of manipulating people’s opinions, in total disregard for the Americans ability to sort through the fake news and search out the truth. They have manufactured their own new propaganda arm and it is become outrageous. 

Back to the question that no one is asking and no one cares about. So in essence melania Trump’s jacket was spot on.  

Screenshot from You Tube

Screenshot from You Tube


And that is why no one seems to be asking why, and what can we do to fix the circumstances that these people are fleeing.  No one cares.  It’s the same thing we see over and over with refugees from Pakistan Iran and other Middle Eastern countries like Iraq that have claimed genocide and ethnic cleansing on Christians. No one wants to address the root cause, no one wants to say, what is making these people pick up all of their belongings their families and flee their Homeland? Nobody cares that Christian families are being ripped apart and their children are watching their parents being slaughtered at alarming rates, nobody cares that these families are met with hatred and vitriol when they flee their Homeland with no place to go, nobody cares about the yazidis that were tortured and their women raped and slaughtered in alarming numbers, nobody cares about the people in Iran who are being arrested simply for saying they want freedom. Arrested tortured and killed nobody cares about that nobody cares about anyting but taking down the president of the United States. They care nothing about any part of humanity except Revenge. The hatred that we’re witnessing and the vitriolic attacks are straight from the gates of hell and those with discernment and the ability to search out the truth know exactly what’s happening. The only way to stop it is to keep confronting it, keep posting the truth, keep demanding the truth be spoken.
For we have been warned!
(2 Timothy 3) 13 while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

But what is the difference that we see today from all the deception in past years? Today people are believing it, today people are running and swallowing it all. The Church of Silence is in full swing denying that deception is growing, denying, denying, denying. The church used to be used for guidance, for speaking the truth, for warning people about the dangers of deception, and now they’re not only complicit but they are aiding and abetting those who promote deception, and in some instances creating deception themselves. Now again, I can argue both sides of a debate over the children and how they are affected with migration, and illegal entry into a country and still be a loser. It’s heartbreaking to know that children are suffering. And the news media has portrayed this as child abuse, and like I said I could argue both sides and say yes, yes it is, but one thing that not many are asking is some of these cases that are fleeing to America to enter illegally know full well and have been deported before. Hamas and Hezbollah use children in the Middle East, they blindly take their children to the borders of Israel knowing full well that it’s dangerous, but they do it anyway they put their children on the front lines to exact Rage from the West. So a question that most media are silent on, but begs to be asked is: why is it not child abuse to take your children on weeks long Quests through Danger to commit an illegal act? In some cases using human traffickers who have been proven to abuse, torture and rape their victims that they are trying to transport to Freedom. Why is this not considered child abuse? Because it doesnt benefit their campaign to propagandize their hatred. It’s a very difficult subject that one could argue both ways, but again it all boils down to why cant we address the root cause of people who flee their Homeland? Why can’t the UN and the Western leaders address these causes? It all boils down to the reason that the United States was founded to begin with! A quest for freedom. The UN was created after World War 1 so that we would never again see the things that we were witnessing in World War 1 and World War II and they have allowed even worse things to take place. Instead of saying never again they have allowed it to happen, and it’s on our watch! So what do we do? We tell the truth, we insist on the truth being told, we take a good hard look at our elected officials because they represent our belief system, what we want to see happen, we take a good hard look at them and decide who stays and who goes and who will represent America in these hard last days! And we use the gifts that God gave us, the gift of discernment the gifts of love and not hatred and vitriol. Just as they did in World War 1 and World War II they insisted that it never happen again that people tell the truth, that Humanity makes a turnaround. We are at a very dark Crossroads and if we don’t make the right turn, we will be paying for this for generations to come. I for one don’t want my great-grandchildren to have to clean up the mess that we have created or allowed to happen because we remain silent, enough is enough it’s time to speak out!

Commentary by C. Refsland

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