Child Sacrifice-Not Only An Ancient Ritual

CBS is reporting that archaeologists have discovered a site of child sacrifice in Peru.  More than 140 children’s remains were uncovered as well as 200 young Llamas.  The childrens skeletal remains showed evidence of the chest being broken in removing the heart. 

(CBS) : The team uncovered evidence of “the largest single incident of mass child sacrifice in the Americas — and likely in world history.”

These children were sacrificed to a god in the early 1400’s.  

How very sad.  History shows us what happens to Nations that sacrifice and kill children, while worshipping other gods.  Many blow this off as ignorance of the people.  While history also provides us with existance of other gods, the Bible warns us of judgement for worshipping other gods.  And yet still they dont repent.  Still they don’t believe. 

Britain killed a child this week because they deemed this boy not treatable.  They removed life support and he continued to live, ignoring outrage from other countries who offerred to tale the child, they held him and his family hostage.  Refusing any other country to render help.  I agree with another author, Nations are judged for this.  Just as Americas sin piles all the way to the heavens in the millions of babies killed in abortion.  While forcing all to participate in this genocide of children.  Of course there will be no mass burial site found here.  Bodies arent even afforded dignity in death.  Many places have monuments in cemetaries declaring remembrance for these sacrificed children.  Sacrificed so that others can live life without burdens, or so they think.

Sin without true tepentance brings judgement.  We can already see the beginning of judgement for America.  Britain also has the beginnings of judgement.  

Last week we found a smallville actress embroiled in a sex slave ring.  Recruiting women under the guise of self-empowerment.  She recruited sex slaves.  Let that sink in.  Yes sex slave rings, human trafficking, even pedophilia rings are growing in this country.  Pushing the one true God aside for idols, idols of the world, humanists and satanic cults.  

All while God is pushed aside and begging for us to return to him.  He is giving our Nation over to its dark desires.

As civilation evolved into knowledge, so did the dark ruler of the world.  He now has millions who bow to him.  Christians closing their eyes and ears as they have grown tired of waiting and have sought their riches here.  His original lie has morphed into truth.  You know, “you shall not surely die, and you will have the knowledge of the gods”.  

He now has human sacrifice sanctioned by all.  Even Christians say things like, well if an aborted fetus can provide life saving treatment for another, its ok.  Yes they have, Ive talked to some who believe this.  God help us, and have mercy on your people.

A Bible verse comes to mind: 

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.  James 4:7-8

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