Congress Gives States The Right To Withold Funds From Planned Parenthood

Congress passed a rule that does away with Obamas mandate banning States from holding money from Planned Parenthood.

This got little attention from the MSM but it gives a sign of hope. I was embroiled in hate filled comments on a news article by those who rally for Planned Parenthood and abortion. They flat out denied the stats showing they killed over 300,000 babies last year.

So yes, this brings me hope. Its said that Federal law prevents federal funding for an abortion, but does it regulate how money from things such as medicaid or other funding is spent? Planned Parenthood states that and I quote( their words not mine) “women of color and low income” will have no where to go if they are de-funded. They also say this only they use the word “unintended” pregnancy, is there a way to actually know the numbers that birth control has in unintended pregnancies? I say no. Only in performing abortions can you give numbers like this: “It is estimated that Planned Parenthood health centers prevent at least 579,000 unintended pregnancies a year.” (From their website)

Stats also show that some health screenings for women like mamograms are decreasing while abortions rise.

The New York Times reported that just before Trump took office the Obama administration put a new rule in effect banning states from withholding money from planned parenthood.
USA Today reported that Congress  passed it with Vice President Pence’s tie breaking vote lifting that ban. Giving states the right to refuse. And  President Trump signed it.

But you wouldnt know this by the vitriol coming from the left.  Why bring this up now?  The article I refferenced at the beginning said the NRA was killing children.  I and a host of others quickly pointed out to leftist commenters the stats of those really killing children.  We were attacked.

Keep praying!

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  1. Praise God! Thank you, C.J.

    Planned Parenthood (such a benign, helpful sounding name) with their ‘women of color and low income’ tripe continue to deceive those very groups! When Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood, she was not shy in her genocidal intentions toward the black race. Planned Parenthood slaughters more black babies than any other race and yet, black women defend them. Where is Black Lives Matter on this issue?! Hard to fathom.


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