“Did God reject his people? By no means!”

I started this blog 6 years ago after a dream in which God said write letters and warn my people.  I didn’t fully understand until recently the full meaning of this dream.  As whole bodies of Christianity have embodied doctrine that seeks “itchy ears”, or “doctrine of demons.”  This is one of those subjects that are hot button topics.  I won’t shy away from it, I won’t stop pointing it out until God says stop or calls me home.  I must admit though, at times its hard, its hard to stand, but then I think about what Christ faced and what the disciples faced and I gain courage.

Replacement theology is rearing its head again.  Why?  The UN has backed this by dismissing Israels inheritance, allowing and even supporting statements that say Israel has no right to the Temple Mount.  And by so denying this they deny the very Temple and place of Christs trial and sacrifice.  Jesus’ ministry was centered on the Jewish Temple many times.  Days before His sacrifice He cleansed the Temple.  So by allowing vitriol against the Jews saying they were never there, they deny our core doctrine as well.  Yet they say Jerusalem is home to 3 Abrahamic religions.  Mind boggling.  
Christians are rallying around this forcing of Israel to give up the promises given them by God.  They are backing the very people that say Israel has no right to their land. 

Before anyone starts with dark doctrine that Israel is not Israel, or the spiritual Israel is different, or that Gods promises were for all of Abrahams descendants (Galatians 4) save it, its not Biblical.  Its all in the book.  A well known Nun once said, “if you want to know what God thinks, read His book.”   And Im not advocating racism, superiority, or predjudice, Im pointing out the fallacies of this condemnation of Israel,  and the belief they have no right to the land and promises God gave them. 

What is replacement theology?

“Supersessionism, also called replacement theology or fulfillment theology, is a Christian doctrine which has parallels in Islam. In Christianity, supersessionism is a theological view on the current status of the church in relation to the Jewish people and Judaism.  Supersessionism has formed a core tenet of the Church for the majority of its existence. Subsequent to and because of the Holocaust, some mainstream Christian theologians and denominations have rejected supersessionism.

The Islamic tradition views Islam as the final and most authentic expression of Abrahamic prophetic monotheism, superseding both Jewish and Christian teachings.  The doctrine of tahrif teaches that earlier monotheistic scriptures or their interpretations have been corrupted, while the Quran presents a pure version of the divine message that they originally contained.” (Wiki)

Unfortunately the mind of man has interjected mans thoughts and interpretations into Gods book with satan at the helm of this shipwreck.  And its very dangerous.  Its my opinion that this theory played a huge part in the Holocaust.  As time passed Western Nations stepped in and said Never Again.  As replacement theology rears its head again with Islamic Nations, please research, read God’s word and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Paul does extensive teachings on the this in the book of Romans.

Romans 11

I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means! 

I am not a theologian or a Pastor, you dont have to be a rocket scientist to study or understand Gods word with the Holy Spirit.  I am not doing away with Pastors on the contrary we need our shepards, but we also need to question anyone who preaches a different doctrine.  2Peter1 Knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation. For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.
I write what God lays on my heart.  You might say this subject is not a salvation issue, but is it?? Paul warns of our branch in Israels roots being cut off, if we boast.  So think about it, pray about it.  But for me we will serve the Lord.

God Bless Israel.

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  1. In a way there’s no church, it’s really all Israel. By that I mean all those who have faith in the Messiah are part of Israel, whether they know it or not, those natural and those grafted in.

    Jews are simply those tribes belonging to Judah (Benjamin & Judah & Levitical priests). The other 10 tribes were scattered across Europe, North and South America and the globe.

    Yeshua said He came only for the lost sheep of Israel (in other words, the Chosen not just the called).

    And the Temple Mount?

    See Bob Cornuke’s book titled simply Temple. It’s quite interesting and eye-opening.


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