Honoring Strong Women Across The Globe

Today is International Women’s Day.  We honor Great women across the globe who remain strong in oppression and persecution.

 There are many women,  here in History who should be honored, like Susan B. Anthony.  She organized petitions against slavery, and fought for women in women’s suffrage.

I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

Going back further we find Florence Nightingale the founder of Modern Nursing.  Betsy Ross, who made our flag for naval ships in our fight for Independence.  The 24-year-old Elizabeth (“Betsy”) continued working in the upholstery business repairing uniforms and making tents, blankets, and stuffed paper tube cartridges with musket balls for prepared packaged ammunition in 1779 for the Continental Army.

The women of the World Wars stepped up also working in factories even making planes and munitions. 

Rosa Parks honored for her role in our Civil Rights movement.  You can see throughout ages women of honor.

Christian women like Corrie Tenboom, who hid Jewish people from the Nazis of WWll.  She and her family were aressted and all but Corrie died in the camps.  Yet her faith never wavered. 

In the Bible we see strong women like Esther, Debra, and Mary, Mother of Jesus.

In todays world women in the East, Middle East and Africa are oppressed like women here cannot imagine.  Forced marriage, servitude, rape without justice.  Women are observed as less than dogs, and in Middle Eastern Countries dogs are hated.  In Iran today women are fighting for freedom to live without the “Hijab”.   These tweets show the fight of women in Iran, who face prison or death just for uncovering their heads.

Women and young girls  in Africa are kidnapped by a group aligned with daesh and forced into sexual servitude for this evil.  

So while its important to honor women, it’s also important to remember the real war on women is in the East, Middle East and Africa.  Remember them!  Fight for them! Pray for them!  Honor their strength!  Pray for Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan’s prison awaiting death by hanging for Blasphemy because she refuses to denounce her Faith in Christ.  Honor her!  

Today, we honor the great women of the World [today] and in History, who in the face of persecution remain strong!

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