A Dream of Darkness


Guest Post by The Traveller


As I lay on my bed a dream I did have. Laid out before me was this darkness but within it I heard the voices of men.


I looked and then looked again, and I beheld men from all parts of the earth on their knees before the darkness that was sweeping their lands.


Their voices were in unison and they were crying out like many trumpets. The word they cried as they beheld this darkness approach them was, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus save us.


But the darkness kept coming and then these ones were lost from sight as the darkness engulfed them and their voices were lost and heard no more.


In the daytime I enquired of the Lord what this dream meant, however no sooner had this question formed in my mouth, the answer came like a spring that bubbles out of the ground.


These are the ones the Spirit said to me who say they are of my kingdom but in reality their hearts are far from me.


When the testing comes as it will and is happening, these ones will be swept away for they walk in unbelief. Even though they will cry out to me, they shall be lost and not walk with me in eternity.


A great sadness fell upon me and I mourned for many days for as it was of old and is in the now, our Lord had sent his prophets into these places that spoke the warnings of the Lord and yet like of old, they were not heard or heeded.

If you come unto me I heard the Lord say, I will sweep away the refuge of lies that pour forth from the mouths of men and where I am you will find truth and liberty.


Hear me not, then as the persecutions, trials and tribulations come, you will be swept away into total darkness and your living soul shall cease to exist and your voice shall not be heard in all eternity.


I love my people and gave them everything through my Son and as you mourn my son, so do I for my Son, your Lord intercedes for them before my throne. But what is written shall come to pass.


Go and do what I command and as you remain in me, I will remain in you until you come unto me. Fear not, be bold and courageous no matter what you see happening around and before all men upon this land.


Encourage the ones I send across your path. Love them with the love I have put in you but never waiver from my truth.


Do this and this alone and your reward will be great in me in your now and the kingdom that is to be.


Your Father who art in heaven and as my will is done in heaven, so it shall be done on earth also.



A Traveller in the Lord Jesus Christ.


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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