The Battle For Our Soul Rages On

The world’s skies are growing darker by the day.  The proxie war in Syria growing more and more sinister with Turkey and Iran refusing to acknowledge or support a UN mandated cease fire to administer aid.  Images of children and innocent families being slaughtered, hiding and begging for food are again surfacing.  Boko Haram has abducted more than a dozen school girl’s again.  In Pakistan Christians are again killed for blasphemy.  In Iran Christians, journalists and activists are aressted, killed in prison and tortured.  North Korea is starving, torturing and killing their own, and foreigners and yet they were thrust into the world stage as good with the latest Olympic games.  

In America children are afraid to go to school as not only our youth wanting to kill each other, but adults as well.  We find our law enforcers ignoring signs and standing down.  

While media exploits the grieving  victims to push their agenda of removing all guns.  They are blaming weapons instead of placing blame where it belongs. Refusing to offer support of grieving Nation, offering hatred instead.   America has become a pietree dish of hatred and chaos, because God has been pushed out of every aspect of our life, and the world has become a very dark place.

Those affected in the latest massacre in Florida say they dont want prayers.  I’m shaking my head.  The lack of prayer is what is fueling the fire of hatred.

Violent video games and rappers are teaching our youth how to kill, and who to attack, and the people defend these things.  Calling evil good and good evil.  

We here at Am Not Ashamed seek for truth, not sensationalism, or conspiracy, but portals of darkness have opened and the great spiritual warfare the Apostles warned about is happening.  And what is the Body of Christ doing?  Sleeping and denying this is possible.  Whole churches are denying the power of darkness, denying even Hell as real.

Now is the time to speak, offer prayer, offer the love of Christ and peace that only comes from Him.  Above all put on the Full Armor of God and get on your knees for the battle rages on. He is coming soon, will He find faith on the Earth?

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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