So You Think We Have It Bad In America?

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One of the best things about America is our freedom of speech, it affords all whether they have hate to spread or truth to spread or love to spread, a platform. However there have been so many protesters and and speeches lately even those calling for our President to be attacked. But I want to concentrate on those women and even some men who scream that we are oppressed in America, we have no rights, we want the same rights as men.

This makes the hair on my head stand straight up. I talk daily to women and Christians and other minorities in lands like Pakistan and Iran. You only think you are oppressed, you have no idea what these women and other minorities go through especially Christians.
Right now today, there is a young man who is accused of blasphemy because he is a Christian his father is being tortured to give up his location. They are threatening to burn down every Christian Home in his neighborhood and this man faces the death penalty if he’s found. All because of a social media post. From what I understand it was just a generic post it had nothing to do with blaspheming anyone but you see they use this law to persecute Christians and other minorities.

Asia Bibi is a Christian woman who has been in prison for years awaiting her death sentence for blasphemy because she dared to drink from a Muslim well. And she was a Christian, this is a normal way of life for women, Christians and other minorities even members of the press there who don’t agree with the ruling party which is an Islamic Sharia law party. So all others are persecuted. Women are not respected,in fact they are beneath that of a dog, we pay more respect to our animals in America than they pay to women and Christians in Pakistan and Iran.

I heard from a Pakistani friend that told me we have it so good here in America compared to the way they live and you know what they said? They said you have Law and Order let that sink in for a minute they said we have Law and Order, yet are police officers who protect us t actually protect us instead of attacking us and cover up abuse.
Yet they’re called pigs and other names.

Our citizens are armed to protect ourselves from tyranny and oppression that they face in Pakistan and yet we say that can’t be, ban all weapons. I realize that evil finds a way to purchase weapons no matter what, but that’s one of the reasons the founding fathers put that clause in our constitution so that we could defend ourselves. They have no recourse in Pakistan if a woman claims that she was sexually abused or raped she is prosecuted and the victim is the one who did the rape! There is a program there called bonded labor that Christian’s, poor Christians are forced to work at and other minorities. They make bricks and they live there on site, and if they complain about their pay or they exhibit items of Christianity they are hunted down and burned or they are beaten so tell me again how bad we have it in this country! Tell me again how oppressed as a woman I am. I have freedom here I am respected here it’s ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous and we need to speak out Pakistan receives top Aid money not only from America but from other Western Nations and they are treating their own people like this. Look at Iran. How many billions of dollars did they get with this new deal that they had, and they still treat their women less than a dog and persecute their own people for peaceful protest, they are arrested and killed in prison what is wrong with Americans today? We as a society here are spoiled and selfish.

One Christian in Iran recently said during the last elections, that they voted for Rhouhani simply because they thought if they voted for him, being a Christian he would have a soft heart and open the doors to the churches again so that they could worship in peace. Really how sad is it that Christians are so hungry for worship and Afraid at the same time that tyranny is voted in simply because they think maybe he’ll go easier on them if they vote for him. This practice has to stop in Pakistan and Iran, yet so many don’t want to hear it. There are a few congressmen who take it up but not near enough, and while I like to see Nikki Haley our ambassador to the UN speak out forcefully against Iran, I would like to see more condemnation of Pakistan and their human rights abuses.

That’s what it is simply, human rights abuses. Pakistan’s Constitution allows for freedom of religion yet they have this blasphemy law that gives them the right to persecute Christians. And I don’t even know what to say about Iran anymore, how they can just get carte blanche from the West and the UN on human rights abuses. How they are allowed to abuse their people like that and the UN still funds them and still backs them.

Something has got to change we have got to stop Aid to these countries until they straighten up their human rights records. There are morality police in the streets attacking women if they don’t have a veil covering their face in Iran. That’s how serious it is there, Pakistan is much the same way.

Look at North Korea, they were given a seat at the Olympic table and yet their own people are put into work camps and starved. In 1966 when the North Koreans didn’t come home with a metal they were forced to work in these work camps and they were tortured. What kind of people have we become that we think this is okay, that it’s fine for them to abuse their people? Some say, I don’t care about it as long as they don’t come here, silence in the face of evil is evil itself it’s time to speak out.We will be held accountable by God for our silence.

I’ve heard over and over how much they appreciate prayer or friendship. Why not let them know your praying for them. Share their stories or simply share a hashtag like the ones below. Sharing alone carries weight with these countries and our politicians here. Do something!


By C. Refsland

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