What Does The Holy Spirit Do?

By Julia and CJ

In continuing on our journey to live in the Holy Spirit, we have had many questions. There are so many interpretations and views by many denominations that the true meaning or function of the Holy Spirit is lost.  This is not meant to be an in depth study, but a discussion among followers of Christ.    So many rules and preconcieved notions have been attached to this it leaves many so confused they turn away. Or like the muslims deny the Spirit is a part of the Trinity, and think it was the angel Gabriel. The Holy Spirit has been present from the beginning, with Gods chosen people.

 It was Mary who was given a child by the Holy Spirit, a child that would save Gods people. Through that child God would manifest and allow the gentiles into His fold. 

Going back into History to those who disobeyed God like the Israelites in the desert when they grew weary of waiting for Moses, even after witnessing miracle after miracle of the Holy Spirit led by God. All the way to King Saul after he disobeyed God. When God tore the kingdom away from him, he went to another spirit for answers and we all know how that turned out. Denying the Holy Spirit carries grave consequences as Michael Rood points out in his series about walking with the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ said the only unforgiveable sin is blasphemy to the Holy Spirit. Did Saul commit blasphemy when he turned from Gods spirit to a dark bewitching spirit. It would appear so, and as we look at history in the Bible we see many instances of turning from Gods spirit. There are many instances also of those who followed Gods Spirit from Abraham, Moses,Daniel, Elijah, Jacob, Esther and many more. The turning from the Spirit garnered criticism from Jesus Christ addressing the Pharisees when He said “you who kill the Prophets “.
The Jewish encyclopedia says this about the Holy Spirit: “the spirit of God is not identical with this life-giving spirit. He pours out His own spirit upon all whom He has chosen to execute His will and behests, and this spirit imbues them with higher reason and powers, making them capable of heroic speech and action .”

God tells Joel that in the “Day of the Lord” after much tribulation, he will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, read Joel 2.
Another example of Gods Spirit resting on His people is Samson.
The Holy Spirit descended as a dove from heaven when John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ with a booming voice from heaven saying “This is my Son of whom I am well pleased.”

On the eve of Christ’s arrest and subsequent death and resurrection, he told the disciples that if He didn’t go away the counselor couldn’t come. They still didn’t completely understand. Not until He resurrected did they begin to understand. I don’t think even Peter understood until the day of Pentecost. You see as Michael Rood points out, Jesus Christ told the disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit from God before they did anything. So they did and they prayed. But before they received the Spirit they annointed another disciple to replace Judas. Now Mathias preached the Gospel, but Jesus later picked His own replacement in Paul. Paul wasnt present at Pentecost but He was taught by Jesus himself, taken up by the Spirit to heaven.

Backing up we see that the “Shekinah” Spirit of God” rested in the Temple accessible only to the High Priests as intercessors for the people. The moment of Jesus’ death this curtain dividing Gods Spirit from man was torn in half. Allowing access to all through Christ. The New Testament tells us that the Temple now lies within us, as we accept Christ as Savior the Holy Spirit comes upon us. We have this power in us. We have unlimited access to the throne of God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us that unless we became as little children with their innocence and faith we couldnt inherit the Kingdom. A child asks their questions in innocence and believes. So I asked God one morning recently what God hears, and does He really hear our thoughts when we pray silently, and if so how does He distinguish thought from prayer, and it must get really noisy there with millions of thoughts coming in. This might sound rediculous to you, but its simple.
Praying in the spirit god hears our thoughts?

He answered me with guidance to His scripture, and simply by revealing the Holy Spirit and that it resides in each and everyone of us. And that we cant grow weary waiting for an answer, know that the Holy Spirit guides each believer into truth.
In the book of Job we are taught of the wonderful spirit of God that is a spirit of wisdom.We also learn even though one is great in wisdom of the world or, are older, it does not mean they understand the judgment of God and what the spirit alone can reveal.
IT IS WRITTEN, “I said, days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom. But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty government them understanding. Great men are not always wise: neither do the aged understand judgment (Job 32:7-9),(John 16:7-15).
The natural man considers things which are spiritual as foolishness, because they are spiritually discerned, but that is exactly how the mind of Christ is!( 1 Corinthians 2:9-16).

The Holy Spirit is not as complicated as man has made it to be. But denying the power of the Holy Spirit and refusing to obey Gods word carries grave consequences. One last thought to ponder. One prosperity gospel church recently announced through the Pastors wife that we should worship for ourselves not for God. That worship isnt for God. This is humanistic teaching and it denies the Holy Spirit. Is this why the Bible tells us that judgement begins in the House of the Lord? Its clearly evidence of why Jesus chastises the church who is lukewarm in Revelation. Know that you have might and power in the Trinity through Jesus Christ. We do not worship for ourselves, and what blessings God may or may not give, we worship the Almighty God period. Yes God blesses us, but if you are worshipping Him simply for your own pleasure know that is false doctrine. Time to wake up and know that we dont worship God for a inheritance of earthly blessings, we worship a God who sent His Son to die so that in our faith and worship we inherit the KINGDOM OF GOD, not earthly desires or pleasures.  The Holy Spirit changes us, so that we recognize this world is not our home.  And we long for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.   Christ is our intercessor and the Holy Spirit guides us to Him and all knowledge and truth.  I Am Not Ashamed of the The Gospel of Christ.

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