Slow Train Comin’…..


Is The LORD+ Kind and Merciful? YES! HE+ is.

Is HE+ long suffering? YES! HE+ is.

Has America taken HIS+ Kindness and Long Suffering as liscense to sin and opromote evil? YES!  They have!   We cannot be touched because we are America.   ( The same attitude sinful Israel had before The LORD+ sent Judgment upon them.)

The following are some points to consider when looking at what is happening in thie land called America;

90% of all Heroin comes to the world via the US.

  • 90% of all pornography originates in Los Angeles.

  • America is in the top five, for the most permissive nations in the world, ON ABORTION.

  • America murders close to a million babies a year.

  • America demands that every country in the world make abortion legal and easy to obtain.

  • America demands that the world celebrate and protect homosexuality.

  • America breaks in pieces any country that does not bow to the petrodollar.

  • The most popular movies in the world are American movies that promote sex and violence to the world.

  • American music is the most popular in the world, and it teaches an obscene level of sexual conduct.

Click LINK BELOW for John Little’s good article on Fearing GOD




Judgment against America has been a ” Slow Train Comin'”, but the engine is now entering the station and the train has a cargo befitting the sins of a proud and srrogant nation.  The warnings have gone out for decades and have gone unheeded.

Now the train will unload its cargo. 

Make certain that you have not “Hitched” your Christianity to America.

If you have, it will pull you off the cliff along with itself.

” For our Citizenship is in heaven, from whence we also look for The Savior+ our LORD JESUS CHRIST.”  Phil. 3:20

Slow Coming, but HEAVY when it hits…..

“Criminals are in High places and law breakers are making up the rules…..”

Slow Train Comin’, 


Too  Dangerous…..

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  1. Thank you! Its been a long time coming and God has given ample opportunity for America to return to Him. And it will careen off the cliff. We must be ready.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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