Being In The World But Not Of The World

Being in the world but not of the world

By Julia & CJ

So many dont know what that means. But the Bible is full of references to this very thing.

In fact one of the last prayers Jesus prayed before He was crucified was to pray that we not be taken out of the world, but to protect us from evil and join us as one to the Father as He is.

So why dont some know what this means? The churches are of the world. They have coffee shops, gyms, massage and yoga parlors, they have couches and big screen projectors and fancy lighting like you see at rock concerts. So why? Did they not get the memo? Or are they just defiant?

Defiant, chasing numbers and dollar signs, they have become the world. Seeking fame and fortune over Gods words.

As christians we are instructed to be separate from what the world views as important,and as believers we are the temple of the living God and are not to be yoked together with unbelievers.  Light has no communion with darkness, and by doing Gods will in our life we become sons and daughters of the Lord!(2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

Lets be the difference in this world as a light which shines brightly in a world that shows darkness.  

Even in the very end of all things the word of God stands eternal just as His people will too if His words dwell within us!and the angels will make the final separation as we read in Matthew 13:47-50.

 I have always worked in the world but it took me most of my life to learn that I am not of this world. Coming back to God, He has opened my eyes and heart to His word. And if you do this and accept that this world is not our home it changes you. Not in the way that you notice, right away, but in ways others notice. You think twice before watching garbage on TV, or what you spend money on. You think more about God and learn to pray more, your Faith grows stronger, etc. Not participating in worldly ways says something to others. I have heard things like, “Oh thats right your religious.” When I thought no one could see, a light inside you shines, a light that shines in the darkness. This is the light of Christ, the light of the Holy Spirit, the light of God.

Romans 1:16


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2 replies

  1. AMEN! We are of a separate Kingdom. We serve a KING+ and keep HIS+ Words.

    We are content with the basics of life and shun materialism, as JESUS commanded us. We put our tressure in Heavenly ” Banks” where they are kept for us by GOD.

    We follow HIS+ Way and Example in ALL things.
    We are NOT ASHAMED of HIM+ or of HIS+ Words. They are the Power of GOD unto Salvation. ( The flesh profits NOTHING. It is The SPIRIT that gives Life. )

    We are HIS+ Disciples and do not touch the unclean thing, by HIS+ Strength and Power. Amen. LORD+ help us to overcome. ( Rev. 1-3 )

    Thank you for this good post!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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