Peace and Safety … Hurricane Jose-Style


 But of the times and the seasons, brethren,

ye have no need that I write unto you.

 For yourselves know perfectly that

the Day of the LORD

so cometh as a thief in the night.


For when they shall say,

Peace and safety;

then sudden destruction

cometh upon them,

as travail upon a woman with child;

and they shall not escape.

I Thessalonians 5: 1-3

+  +  +


Hurricane Jose is meandering around in the warm waters of the Atlantic, just east of the Caribbean Sea. No-one seems to be reporting on its potential track , a track which may indeed skirt the eastern seacoast near New York City and the highly-populated  coast of New Jersey. 



are there no official calls

for the people on the East Coast to THINK ABOUT preparing for the potential storm ?



The EYE of the storm may not come ashore

… but the destructive outer bands may be

within striking distance .




Neither the government NOR the main-stream media are even reporting on Hurricane Jose whose winds today ( Year of our LORD , 9.14.2017 ) are 75 mph.




The Navy model ( NAVGEM ) is missing from the Hurricane tracking models for Hurricane Jose.  Watch this video from a Christian brother at BPearthwatch for an update on Hurricane Jose … and the missing information.



BPearthwatch Locates Missing Info on Hurricane Jose


If Hurricane Jose’s wind and storms strike the East Coast near New York City,


it is projected to be on September 21


… the day of the “equinox” festival of the UN’s Declared International Day of PEACE . 


See link below.


Now, the UN’s focus is ONLY to EMPHASIZE the PEACE and SAFETY needed by the global glut of refugees and mis-placed persons … yes, MIS-placed by reason of the globalists’  war on humanity… the poor souls.  They are victims of the 10 Kings of Revelation at the hand of the Beast.



Well and good: safety should be offered to all, 




Respect must be earned, though,  and then dignity will follow. [ Perhaps KINDNESS and JOBS might be more profitably promoted by the great UN ? ]

However, the UN’s call for “respect, safety, and dignity” is NOT for the Nubian Christians, Ethiopic Christians, Pakistani Christians, Indian Christians nor for any Christians at all.


The UN is NOT calling for “respect, safety, and dignity” for the beleaguered  Jews of Europe or the UN’s favorite punching bag, the current State of Israel. 



No, the UN is calling for “respect, safety, and dignity” for  all the debauched miscreants who shake their fist in GOD’S face, both rich and poor, both humanists and terrorists …


… who WILL NOT in turn offer

“respect, safety, and dignity”

to anybody,

NO, not to

any decent citizenry

who will not partake

of their debauchery and killing. 

Or, who speak out against it.

+ + +


Thus saith THE LORD:

You who think you do these things in secret, in your paneled , hidden rooms high on the Hudson : 

Let it be known to you that what you do in secret


you cannot hide from ME+.

I know your plans for evil against My+ People. 

You will sorely pay for it.


  I control the wind and the rain.  If I say “PEACE, BE STILL, ”  the winds obey ME+; they do not obey you. 

There is NO HIDING PLACE from the Face of HIM+ with Whom+ you have to do, HIM+ Who+ gave you your life’s breath,

HIM+ Whom+ you mock, scorn, and hate. 

When you touch MY+ People,

you touch the Apple of My+ Eye.

AMEN. <(((><

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  1. Samson…this is good. Very good. *high five*


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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