Hurricane IRMA . . . Are Judgments Just Beginning ??

The photo above is a generic satellite image of how a hurricane looks from space, ( i.e., it is not a photo of Irma … yet. )



In 8 days, Hurricane Irma is projected to arrive on the East coast of the United States. 

The European weather forecasters are projecting a path along northern Florida and up the coast line from there, but …


 NASA  has predicted

that it will squarely hit

Washington, D.C.


SEE this video at minute 3:00 for the Hurricane Irma information. It is on the “Daily Earth and Sun Report” video on Ben Davidson’s Space Weather at 

Hurricane Forecast, Sunspots, Earthflare? | S0 News Sept.1.2017


NOTE:  The above LINK’S video changes each day.  The original video was on 9-1-2017.


Click on the same LINK AS ABOVE and go to minute 2:00 for today’s Hurricane Irma Up-Date. NOTE THIS: The main stream media is forecasting Irma to move into the Caribbean area, but NASA is not.

Now NASA is predicting it is going to make landfall between Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.  The European weather agencies are predicting a slower landfall in 11 days, between Georgia and the Carolinas.

To find these specific videos, go to YouTube and type in Space Weather News.  The scholarly site is called “Suspicious Observers” by Ben Davidson, who is normally quite cautious about sending out alerts.


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East Coast dwellers:

Make plans NOW to re-locate to an inland place of safety from the storm and aftermath of flooding. 



ALL DWELLERS of America:

Repent while there is still an open door of Mercy to Get Right With GOD, through the atoning Blood of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. 


Pride and Arrogance is a reproach to any people.



GOD is NOT a respecter of persons — or nations — and does not play favorites with either.  



If you sin, you die.

If the nation sins

after having great LIGHT,

it dies.


TODAY is the DAY of Salvation; NOW is the accepted time. 


In JESUS WHO+ alone is Life, both here and beyond the grave.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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