What Are We ?







What are we?  What were we in the beginning?


What have we lost?


What will we regain through CHRIST and HIS+ opening the Way back to our FATHER for us, with HIS+ Own Body and Blood?


In the beginning of our race , we were clothed with Eternal Light and had The Mind of our Creator. We had no sin at that time and could have close fellowship with our Creator.


Satan, the serpent, or in Hebrew , “A shining one,” entered the picture. He could not allow these two beautiful creatures to continue without a subtle and lying challenge.



He had to stop them to get back at The ONE+  Who had defeated him and driven him and his minions who followed him in the Cosmic Rebellion, out of  the Celestial realm,  and locked them into a certain area around the earth.


The earth became the  DMZ,

the Demilitarized Zone.


Through lying treachery he was able to seduce the First two of the beautiful new race of creatures  who were to be in CHARGE OF HIS CREATION,  to sin against their Creator as satan himself had done earlier with some of the heavenly host.


By Adam and Eve’s  action and free choice — deception on the part of the woman Eve, and free choice on the part of Adam —  the human race  then sided with the enemy of their souls.


The results of the choice are well known to everyone in the human race.  The fruits of that choice are obvious. The human race died at that point, spiritually and in a short time, physically. The Curse was in full sway.


How can we regain our status as  Creatures of Light who live Eternally?



It cannot be achieved by hard work, by much education or study, or by any other effort on the part of humankind.


We regain this state by coming to a place of agreement with our Creator, acknowledging that we are indeed rebellious sinners who have sided with our enemy satan … and thus, DESERVE NO MERCY,  being traitors.



Being Rescued from this Cursed State is HIS+ gift!  The condition for receiving this Priceless Gift is Repentance from an honest heart.


Our Great Creator, our LORD+ and our Heavenly Father has provided The Way for us to return to HIM and regain what was lost, what we were created to be, and to live eternally with HIM.



By The Body and Blood of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA MASHIACH+ we can return to what we were made to be.  Old things will pass away, behold all things become new.    (  2 Corinthians 5:17  )

We again are made able to have close fellowship with our Heavenly Father, through our Great High Priest, HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ and Word made flesh for our sake.

In the First Resurrection we will receive new bodies like HIS+ Glorious Resurrection Body.  We will again be clothed in Uncreated Light and will be with HIM+ Forever.


The world can know NOTHING of this. The UN-regenerated humans continue on under the influence and deception of satan, being taught that the human race is a cosmic accident, that we are a race of apes and other such satanic lies.



They still fall victim to the deceptions hurled at them by the same old “Shining One” from the Garden.


We still have our free will to choose, and we can choose out of and away from this death trap set for us by satan.


Today is the day of Salvation, NOW is the accepted time.  ( 2 Corinthians 6:2  )  Do not put it off. Death can come at any time. 

Choose now to agree with your Creator and Repent of all sin and turn to your Heavenly Father through HIS Eternal SON+ JESUS CHRIST.



The world is on a COLLISION COURSE with destruction.  The world and the American nation has challenged GOD to  “try to stop their evil.”  HE+ will do it!  Turn to HIM now while there is time.



Unclean spirits are controlling the leaders of the nations, as they support evil and hinder Truth and The Gospel.



HE+ Who knows ALL is aware of what is being done. HE+ calls all to choose and to turn and come to HIM+.   HE+ will keep you now in this life and also in your time of death.  HE+ says that those who believe into HIM+ shall never die but are simply passed from Death unto LIFE.  ( John 11:26 ,   John 5:24_)


Let us return with all of our hearts to what we were created to be and live with HIM+ forever.  What HE+ has promised HE+ is most assuredly able to perform, for HIS+ Heavenly FATHER has given ALL POWER and AUTHORITY in Heaven and on Earth into HIS+ Hands. Amen.

In the Name of GOD the FATHER Almighty, , YHWH ELOHIM of Angelic Armies,


and of HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT, Ruach ha KADOSH, our Sanctifier and Guide.

AMEN  <(((><

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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