Jesus’ Gift Do You Really Know What It Is?

Mathew 26:53

Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?
As we’re embroiled in new ways to exact vengeance upon each other and we ignore the word of God that says vengeance is mine. I was asking God about this and some of the hatred that’s spreading, not only in our community but across the world. And you know what I heard? I heard he could have called Ten Thousand Angels but he didn’t, he could have destroyed the world when it mocked him, beat him, spit on him, and crucified him but he didn’t. That is the POWER that’s at work for us today, thats at our disposal as true followers of Christ.  He is the intercessor between us and God, the Holy Spirit draws us to him and he is our intercessor. At the moment of his death the Earth shook the sky turned dark and the curtain in the temple that divided the worshippers from the Throne of God was rendered, torn down. That means that our relationship with Christ is all we need, he will take care of those that harm us, those that hurt us, those that shame us. His vengeance is better than anything that man could do. There is power in the blood Christ spilled for us.  We need to remember that he could have called Ten Thousand Angels but he didn’t. He put bitterness aside and gave his life so that we might be brought in to the fold of God’s people and that we might become as one with Him and the father. Thats true love that He laid down His life for us!  So undeserving yet He gave His life. 

 I think that’s something that everyone needs to think about when they think about this hatred and rage and I’m going to see that somebody is punished attitude. Jesus didn’t say that when he was hanging on the cross he didn’t say I don’t care about you I’m going to destroy you he went ahead with God’s plan. God’s will, if we’re in God’s will then we have to turn it all over to Him, that’s what he told me this morning. It’s time to wake up it’s time to realize that we have to fear God, He is the only one that can take our souls we don’t need to fear man we don’t need to be afraid of what’s coming as far as war or shaming or hurtful things that people say to us. We don’t need to be afraid of any of that we need to put the fear of God back in our lives and in our communities and we need to worship Him, pray to him and forget all of the hatred and pain and Vengeance and someone’s going to pay attitude we need to embrace each other. With each passing day it’s becoming more and more clear look up for our Redemption draws near!

We are only distanced by 1 generation from the horrors of evil that overtook the world in WWll.  How can we be so overcome by hatred again in just 75 years?  From a generation that swore never again, this same evil is taking its place on the world stage again.  This time its starting from the inside.  Americans are consumed with selfishness, narcissism, and greed while the world implodes.  Genocide has been declared, yet again, iran and its alliances are threatening Israel, they, with North Korea are threatening to wipe out America.  The European nations are embroiled with those wanting destruction to freedom. The Middle East has imploded.   A world gone completely insane.  And Americans are oblivious.  How can this be?  Simple, we have pushed God out of our lives and our hearts.  We have let hatred, division and chaos reign supreme over peace, and Gods word.

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  1. Amen . Turning the other cheek and going the second mile seems to have been forgotten or rejected by the contemporary church.

    I have noticed in the last few days with the events in Charlottesville that there are NO Good guys! All involved are out for blood or revenge. These things ought not to be named among the followers of The SON+ of GOD.

    Those who say that they are HIS+ ought them selves so to walk even as HE+ Walked. ( 1 John 2:6 ). There is no way around this. We are not of the world, even as HE+ is not of the world. ( John 17 )

    GOD help us to be a Holy and a Separate people unto HIM+.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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