Here is one of those Victorious  “whatsoever is of good report”  accounts to cheer our hearts. This is a true story, for we know the “victim” personally .


One of our friends works at our little local Post Office.    She is a vibrant, Charismatic Christian who really knows how to fight in the spiritual warfare. Like all of us, she has her areas of struggle, but in other areas , she is noticeably strong… stronger than most .

She constantly proclaims the LORD and evaluates every situation in her life in the Light of GOD’S WORD … and is not quiet about it , either !  So, all the workers at the Post Office  know ALL ABOUT HER FAITH … and everybody else she contacts does too !  She never stops bearing witness about JESUS.

Recently, she had a growth in her and her grown kids MADE her go in for an operation .  She endured that, but the DR told her the growth “looked” cancerous.

She said, “ I’m NOT going to RECEIVE THAT ! ”

So the doctor then pointed out to her something on the x-ray or image picture or something , to indicate the cancerous area which he could readily identify.


She told him again, “I don’t have cancer. I don’t receive that. ”

So he said, “Well we’ll just wait for the test. ”

She told him, ” Fine. But I don’t have cancer. I don’t receive that. ”

She came back off of sick leave and shared all this with the Post Office staff ( whom we know quite well).

Yesterday , as we were in the PO to do some mailing, another post lady  on duty said that her ( our friend’s) tests had come back.



The post lady and I were almost GIDDY , laughing with joy, right there in the post office !


The fun part is that the post lady — who is a Christian — had been skeptical about our friend’s CONSTANT EXUBERANCE  about The LORD, through the years,  but now, she is starting to receive our friend’s great good Witness about the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Our friend simply knows where the battle lies, and WHOSE+ battle it is… a battle, she believes, that was WON at the Cross.


The enemy tries to reclaim us for the curse, but our friend will NOT STAND FOR THAT.

She claims that she is covered by the BLOOD+ of JESUS and that the devil has NO RIGHT to her life anymore. At times, we have seen her in tears with distress, but she stands firm for as long as it takes.

We have not known one time

that she was defeated in this type of prayer,

since we have known her for 17 years ! 

+  +  +


This is just one aspect of spiritual warfare, though.

There are other battles involved in spiritual warfare, the battles of the MIND; who do we believe?


Do we believe those lying torments that make us “feel” self-pity, resentment, bitterness, anger ?  Do we feel “mis-treated” ?  If we DO, it is the LYING SPIRITS that are telling us we are being mis-treated.


Now , it is altogether possible to BE mis-treated, but the SPIRIT of GOD is able to turn our minds towards CHRIST JESUS even in the midst of any actual hard mistreatment so that we bear GOOD FRUIT from it; the situation is not wasted if we yield it to CHRIST.

No , rather, HE+ uses it  for our glory and reward in the Heavenlies, in due season if we faint not.  And oftentimes, it is used to advance the Kingdom of GOD.

We need to STAND like that good Sister in CHRIST did; she did not faint, even in the face of every perfectly “good” reason to doubt the goodness and protection of GOD. 


So, let us FAINT NOT in well-doing,  our well-doing being like hers: a clinging onto The LORD and His+ HOLY WORD …  because HE+ CANNOT LIE.



In our areas of struggle and trial — and we ALL HAVE THEM — we must refuse to listen to the lies from the devil.  Simply, we must REFUSE to listen to them and proclaim over and over again the TRUTH of the SCRIPTURES which pertains to that area of struggle.


How can we IDENTIFY THOSE LIES  which are hurled at us during spiritual warfare ?


Those LIES have a common identifying feature:  they make us afraid.


Our fears may lie in different areas, but FEARS are FEARS…. and they ALL come from the devil, the father of LIES.


Fear makes us DOUBT GOD’S WORD.   FEAR makes us focus on the temporal instead of the SPIRITUAL TRUTH as found in Scripture.  FEAR makes us unsure of our position in CHRIST.


HERE, then , is the TRUTH; THIS is our RIGHTFUL position in CHRIST JESUS:


Notwithstanding in this rejoice not,

that the spirits

are subject unto you ;

 but rather rejoice,
because your names are written in heaven.


recorded in Luke 10:20


Fears , inner fears,   are a pack of BULLIES: 

Fear of rejection, fear of making people angry, fear of looking unacceptable, fear of finances collapsing, fear of lack of energy to perform our many duties, fear of sickness, fear of death, fear of something happening to our loved ones, fear of UNHAPPINESS AND HARM in a multitude of ways.

Unfortunately, when we become afraid, we tend to address these fears  in  a multitude of natural-minded ways.


FEARS, however,




Having “enough” money  make may us feel temporarily at ease, but the FEAR of being crushed does not leave our being.

It just drops the whip for a little while. It will lash us again as soon as the car breaks down ! It has gone nowhere … because “it” is a tormenting spirit and MUST be dealt with in CHRIST.


The world and its worldly institutions will whip us along,  using the devil’s values and fears. So then we RUN TO NATURAL-MINDED ways to address it.. which was the devil’s plan to begin with !

Christians will be in the palm of the devil when that happens, and REAL injury, BAD decisions, SERIOUS breakdowns of all sorts will occur.


Notwithstanding in this rejoice not,

that the spirits

are subject unto you ;

but rather rejoice,
because your names are written in heaven.

The Word+ of the LORD, in Luke 10: 20

The ONLY WAY to stand against these lying torments is to search our hearts to IDENTIFY the specific fear(s) operating in the background ( sort of like a malware computer program running unseen, jamming up our computer work).


These FEARS will ALWAYS contradict the LORD’S Words about His+ love and care for His+ children.


THEN, we use the weapon of OUR+ warfare, the Victorious SWORD OF THE SPIRIT , which is the WORD+ of GOD , against that pack of lying fears.


Notice that the Helmet of our SALVATION+ protects the MIND…  and deals with who we are in CHRIST JESUS.

And take the helmet of salvation,

which is the WORD+ OF GOD:

Ephesians 6:17


Having done all, ( being repented up ), then we STAND each time the spirit of fear rises up, speaking the Word+ of GOD  to “it.”   “It”  will HAVE  to leave.


Of course, “it” will return to test us when our guard is down.

For the WORD+ OF GOD is quick

( i.e., LIVING !)

and powerful,
and sharper than any two-edged sword,
piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,
and of the joints and marrow,
and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents
the heart.

Hebrews 4:12


Let us learn to STAND and vanquish these lying torments.  The Word+ of GOD is powerful and sharper than ANY two-edged sword.


But, we must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE using it, in order to wield it EFFECTIVELY. 


No earthly sword is of any value lying on the table or mantle or hanging on the wall. A warrior must PRACTICE using it  for the sword to do any damage to the enemy.


LIKEWISE, we must practice using the SWORD of The SPIRIT  in our given struggles and situations in order for it to become the OFFENSIVE WEAPON used EFFECTIVELY against the devil and his minions.


So, to ENTER INTO SPIRITUAL WARFARE… let us first RENOUNCE all ungodly values and traditions of men, making certain we  REPENT of hidden sins and motives.


In doing those two things, we

 SEAL UP the Armor of GOD 

which we are wearing.

NOTE THIS WELL: We can be CERTAIN that the enemy will hit us HARD if we have NOT RENOUNCED AND REPENTED up in whatever ways we need to do it.


Now, if faith ENOUGH to believe is LACKING, then ASK THE LORD TO HELP, as others did in the Scriptures:

And straightway the father of the child cried out,
and said with tears,
LORD+, I believe;
help THOU+ mine unbelief.
Luke 9:24


And when JESUS saw her,
HE+ called her to HIM+, and said unto her,
thou art loosed from thine infirmity.
Luke 13:12


NEXT, let us FIND AND WORK ON APPLYING THE BIBLE VERSES ( in the areas we have been suffering DEFEAT) over the devil and the spirit of fear, spirit of rejection, and any other wicked spirits that torment us, the children of GOD.


Notwithstanding in this rejoice not,

that the spirits are subject unto you ;

but rather rejoice,
because your names are written in heaven.

This is the WORD+ of GOD , in Luke 10:20




In the Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST,
and by all the Authority that His+ Name gives us,
and through all the Power of the BLOOD+ of JESUS CHRIST,

the LAMB+ of GOD,
and in accordance with the Will of GOD+

We renounce the hidden things of darkness __________________ that have given the devil an opening into our lives,  to send tormentors to plague us;

We repent of these sins _____________________________


and we repent OF BELIEVING these  lies  the devil is throwing at us: ____________________________________


We rebuke the spirits of fear in these areas _______________________________________________


And we do all this

In the Name of our LORD


and by all the Authority that His+ Name gives us,

and through all the Power of the BLOOD+ of JESUS CHRIST,

the LAMB+ of GOD,
and in accordance

with the Will of GOD+ .


HALLELUJAH ! We praise The LORD JESUS CHRIST for the VICTORY OVER death, hell, and the grave. Praise, honor, and glory are YOURS+, O LAMB+ of GOD that takes away the sin of the world.

AMEN, and thankfully SO !

Respectfully submitted for the edification of the Church

… and for the GLORY of GOD !

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