Freedom From Religion Foundation Forces East Tennessee To Remove Bible Verse

Screen shot Wate 6 News of actual plaque

Today the East Tennessee chapter of the freedom from religion Foundation won a  victory.  There was a police station in Knoxville Tennessee that had Romans chapter 8 verse 31 over a doorway in one of their Halls.   This Bible verse comforted many officers as they left the building.  It comforts all of us, there is  many more comforting verses  in the Bible, but this one gives us strength.   If God is For us who can be against us!

They’ve held true to their Ambitions and their goals, and that is to eradicate Christ the Bible, God and prayer from all public places.  It started in 1962 with madalyn O’Hair and continues today,  with groups like the freedom from religion foundation and the ACLU.

How can a group with only 29,000 members dictate what millions of people do in this country?   According to the website they have just a little over 29,000 members.   They describe themselves as an effective state/church watchdog and voice for freethought (atheism, agnosticism, skepticism).

Click here for more on this.

Knoxville isn’t the only Eastern Tennessee town that was attacked this week.   A group of people that call themselves Gatlinburg Wildfire survivors for change,  has asked the ACLU to come to our sleepy little town in the Great Smoky Mountains. Without going into too much detail, because it’s long and involved and someday I’ll write a lengthy post, in short they feel like they have been ignored by the city council they feel that their questions haven’t been answered.

Filled with rage and anger instead of love they wrote to the ACLU and complained about our prayer.  Then defended it.  Attacking those calling them out in vile ways.  Claiming they are Christians.  Yes they claim they are Christians.  And I have not only seen but been the butt of these vile attacks for calling them out.  

Well prophecy is unfolding at a rapid rate.  Jesus said the world will hate you because of my name,  I can’t think of one country in this world where Christians aren’t hated.   America is turning rapidly to hatred of Christians so is Canada so is Mexico.   Look at the gangs and the mass murders there.  There may be a couple of countries that don’t have much hatred yet aimed at Christians but the world hates Christians. They hate the name of Jesus.   This is Satan, this is prophecy unfolding.   Israel is about the only country especially in the Middle East that doesn’t have a hatred for Christians.   Paul warned that in the latter days people will grow cold,  lovers of self, boastful, greedy and a host of other things, seeking after itchy ear Doctrine and doctrine of demons.   And we are witnessing that today, and it’s getting closer and closer.   Are you ready?  And don’t be surprised if this hatred comes to your neighborhood soon.   I didn’t expect it in Tennessee I really didn’t because we’re basically in the Buckle of the Bible Belt but even these states are not immune to the venomous poison spreading by Satan through groups like the ACLU and the freedom from religion groups.   It’s time to put the armor of God on just as Ephesians tells us to arm yourself with the word of God and get ready we’re in a deep dark spiritual battle.  Our redemption draws nigh.

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  1. These organizations have showed their true colors,what they don’t realize even though they call themselves a church it surely is not the true church and if they did know scripture they would know the consequences of removing or adding to the word of God brings plagues and the removing of their names from the book of life!(Revelation 22:18,19)Their reward will not be what they expect by living away from Gods just ways!(Revelation 22:10-15)Great post CJ.God Bless You.



  2. You mentioned the ACLU, always ready to attack anything biblical but do you notice their deafening silence as Islam is promoted by main stream media & politicians? How about all those atheistic groups? Are they picketing Islam? Women’s rights groups? Nothing.

    Judges are quietly assisting in forming pockets of no-go zones as they have throughout Europe, where Sharia Law rules the land. A town in Michigan fits this.

    And what’s the end game? The evil kabal in order to form that new world order we’ve all heard about for a couple decades needs chaos. Lots of it.

    Could be that Islam is the judgment of a Holy God. Don’t think the masses will wake up without it, do you?


  3. Who will these fools whine to when all that they hold dear and worship, yes, worship, is in smoldering ruins?

    There is NO peace or rest to the wicked, to those who make themselves to be the enemies of The LORD GOD , The Holy One of Israel.

    There is NO escape from the Judgment they will have to face, from the Eternity they will have to endure. Fools and blind.

    Yes! Put on the Whole Armor of GOD and walk as though you are in combat, BECAUSE YOU ARE!


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