Is Silence Of Persecution A Sin?

James 4:17

  If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.
While the United States is embroiled in a battle for its very soul  and we’re focusing on health care that they have said is going to kill thousands and thousands of people.  We’re under the everyone is going to die phase again and President Trump is fighting for his very existence.  And Human rights abuses continue in the Middle East and the near East.

President Trump has drawn another red line for Syria, there’s supposedly US intelligence that says Syria has made moves to use chemical weapons again on its people, and they’re warning Iran.   In this warning president Trump called Daesh,  isil he stated it as the Islamic Republic state of Iraq and the Levant.  A term we haven’t heard since obama.
But that’s not what’s most troubling, because that’s prophesied we know what’s going to happen there it’s just a matter of not if but when.  Timelines are unfolding very rapidly. what concerns me the most is while all of this is going on there’s a blind eye that’s turned to Pakistan and even Iran. 

Pakistan continues to persecute Christians.  I hear from them every day saying how difficult it is for them to even exist and carry on a normal life.   I hear from the Pakistani Christians who have escaped to areas like Thailand and Malaysia, and it’s not any better for them there.  They went from one fire right into the fires of hell.  While the UNHCR ignores their pleas, stating that Pakistan does not persecute Christians. Meanwhile Asia Bibi,  a Pakistani Christian woman is awaiting her hanging death sentence for blasphemy because she dared to drink from a Muslim well.

 Instance after instance of Christians being arrested for the blasphemy law and keep in mind, that this law in Pakistan carries the death penalty, happens every day. Pakistan has still been asking for international cooperation from Facebook and other social media Outlets to report people who blaspheme their prophet.
So why will the UN not acknowledge this??  I still don’t understand what Pakistan holds over the world except Pakistan is a nuclear country, they have nuclear weapons, are they that afraid? Why won’t they take up for the Christians especially after Christian genocide was declared.

And the top International agencies for human rights abuse is dead set on stopping President Trump and every aspect of his travel ban.   The latest tweet came this morning calling for all to get, ( as they put it) LOUD, because this Muslim ban as they called President Trump’s travel ban is a human rights abuse.  Really?  Is it not an abuse of our rights to ask and vet against the discrimination and abuse witnessed in some Muslim countries from coming here?  Without even a regard for Pakistan’s persecution of Christians.   Iran’s persecution of Christians, not even an outcry for the genital mutilation of young girls carried out by a religious belief in Detroit Michigan.   Let alone the abuse of women in Pakistan and Iran.   This is very significant this is a world that has turned completely against all vestiges of God the God of the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jesus Christ and all moral values that encircle this.   It is turned completely away from this and is turned to an evil ideology, thats the  only way I can describe it.

I’m writing letters to Senator Corker from Tennessee, won’t you join me?  Give the Christians of Pakistan a voice.  As Rights groups say get Loud for the people in Iran. 
So we can safely conclude that Dietrich Bonhoeffer was right! “Silence in the face of evil is evil.” Even James taught that if we know to do good and dont, it’s a sin.





Use these hash tags when sharing on facebook and twitter.  Show the UNHCR enough is enough it’s time to condemn persecution and Human rights abuses.  

James 4:17
  If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.
By C.Refsland

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2 replies

  1. We do need to speak out for our brothers and sisters any way we can. Intercede for them.

    There is no “Another chemical weapons attack” by the Syrian government on its own people, because there was NOT A FIRST attack by them on their own people. This is part of the charade.

    The Puppet Masters want a WAR, a BIG WAR, as it is good for business, and for their Agenda.
    The Russians have not done anything except to not bow to these devils who want even MORE WAR than they have already instigated.

    Look at these same nations that the U.S. has “Liberated” before like , Iraq, Egypt, Libya. Notice how FREE and Peaceful those nations are now. Syria will be the same way! Damascus shall become a ruinous heap, Isaiah 17, and almost is now, but watch what happens then. The U.S. has NO business in Syria, or their paid dogs DAESH/isis that they have sent in to do their regime change dirty work for them.

    This is getting serious! Russia will not stand idle while Babylon does what its TRUE rulers have determined.

    The Shield of YHWH is GONE FROM AMERICA! The arrogance and stench of Babylon has reached unto Heaven! All the wicked shall be turned into hell, and ALL nations that forget GOD and lift their fist against HIM+.

    Things are not going to remain the same as they have been. Mystery Babylon is going to be destroyed. The timing is in The LORDS+ Hand.

    LORD GOD, HEAVENLY FATHER, anoint and protect The Body of your Beloved SON+.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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