America And The World In Societal Disintegration? 

I was quietly in the only safe space that is acceptable, and that’s in quiet contemplation with our Lord.  Thinking about the state of our Country and the world. Brought on by demons of darkness, and what a non-functional society, let alone a non-functional government looks like, when all the events of just the past week alone came flying by my thoughts.

A Society that thinks you can execute in cold blood our lawmakers, is not a functioning society.  Democrats and the left exhibiting signs of demonic possession has been calling for resistance and blood in our streets.  And that is not hyperbole.  Lorretta Lynch spoke those very words in the recent past and Sanders and Clinton among others have been calling for uprising.  

The entertainment industry holds a severed head of the President high like a trophy, they stage a play that shows the President stabbed to death, they fantasize about blowing up the White House, and March in the streets defying the police.  Regularly call for impeachment, and last week a deranged man with these ideologies sought out specifically Republican lawmakers and opened fire, wounding several and one congressman critically.  And he had a hit list in his pocket.

If you think this is not demonic instilled think again.

On the world front, our military shot down a Syrian government plane firing on what was described as US allies.  Russia threatens to shoot our planes out of the air, all of them.  Today we shot down an Iranian drone attempting to fire on again US allies?  China and Iran are holding war games, and even amid the chaos with the Arab states disavowing Qutar we are performing war games with them.

A female border agent was stabbed to death in Israel at the Damascus gate and Hamas is celebrating.  The King of Jordan is celebrating because he says a 2 state solution is forthcoming.  Politically correct language meaning they are dividing God’s land.

Two attacks in London on innocent citizens killing several.  Then an attack on Muslims leaving a mosque run  down by a man screaming he would kill all muslims.  More attacks in resort towns as muslums celebrate a god calling for death.

Last week a merchant vessel off Japan’s coast rammed the USS Fitzgerald killing 7 sailors, I hate to go against the politically correct but this was no accident.

Then North Korea sends the American student held hostage there for 15 months home in a coma.  And yesterday he died. While North Korea continues to develop and test weapons to carry it’s nuclear arsenal threatening to annihilate the Western world. 

The Iranian National Guard announced also recently that world domination is their goal and they will attain it.

Terrorism is the new society and norm.  Anyone speaking out against it is demonized and labeled with a phobia.

And a Senator told a Trump appointee that if he believed there was only one way to heaven he was unfit for office.  

Does this sound like this?

Social disintegration is the tendency for society to decline or disintegrate over time, due to the lapse or breakdown of traditional social support systems. In this context, “society” refers to the social order which maintains a society, rather than the political order that defines its boundaries.”
The social support systems in this definition are clear.  The support of the constitution, the support of God fearing people, the support of a church that holds exclusively to God’s word.

Our founders knew this, in order for society to flourish we had to hold dear the Judeo-Christian beliefs of our Forefathers.  Slowly one by one they were stripped until all we have is lawless, pitiful, anarchy.  Our values and everything held dear about America shredded by those in power claiming democracy.  Democracy by what definition?? The definition of demons.  They used the barbarians of the past, unleashed them on modern society, and unleashed the depraved sexual mind of a  Jezebel spirit.  They think they won’t make the mistakes made by the Romans by not producing children, because now technology allows them to change genders, promote same sex unions, kill the unborn because they can now produce the children satan wants in a laboratory.

And in their depraved minds satan has fooled them into thinking the elites will contain the barbarians and all will live in Satan’s paradise called Eutopia.

It’s heating up fast, as my Father used to say, stay prayed up, packed up and ready to go.  As our Lord says, Look up for our redemption draws near.

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  1. CJ and Samson….

    Can I thank you enough for these words? (((Squeeeeeeze X 2)))!!

    Straining my neck looking up,



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  3. Psalm 9:17
    The wicked shall be turned into hell, and ALL the nations that forget God.

    The LORD GOD has NO PETS. GOD is NOT mocked. Whatsoever a nation sows they shall also reap.

    Let us draw very near to our LORD+ as the storm clouds gather. We are watching a deliberate push to a very bad war. The LORD+ is gathering the nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat where HE+ will Thresh them down to the ground, and their arrogant armies with them.

    Let us stand firm in our LORD+. We shall be hated of ALL nations for HIS+ Names sake. The U.S. is going as has been prophesied and warned about for decades. No heed was taken to the warnings. Scriptures are being fulfilled. Mystery Babylon, The Daughter of Babylon, will have its way, just as The LORD+ foretold.
    HE+ brings the godless nations to their destruction. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST.

    We hold NO allegiance to any geographic location on this earth, for ALL the nations are in rebellion against The LORD and HIS Anointed. Our ONLY allegiance is to The KINGDOM of our LORD YESHUA MASHIACH+…wherever it may be located. We are seeing the Psalm 2 War being fulfilled.

    LORD+ protect and strengthen your children.

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