Criminal Injustice In America…..Twin Falls, Idaho, No protection for the innocent


  • There is no protection for the innocent in America.  The criminals sit in the seat of the judges.  The whole corrupt  legal and corporate system in Twin Falls Idaho is covering up for the sake of MAMMON, the infernal dollar, and the “Imported” muslim labor for that area.  They will attack and sacrifice the innocent for that cause. No American little girl will be safe in Twin Falls Idaho, thanks to these LYING and CORRUPT legal officials.

  • For more information visit Pamela Geller site.

Pammela Geller Report on the Little Girl


Muslim migrant rapists of 5-year-old Idaho girl, get no jail time, JUDGE issues gag order on ‘sentencing’






Sharia law in Idaho.

The three Muslim refugee boys who plead guilty in the heinous sexual attack of a five-year-old girl in Idaho were sentenced yesterday. No jail time. The judge barred everyone in the courtroom, including the victim’s own parents, from speaking about the case and threatened anyone with serious consequences if they violated his edict.

Unheard of.

The sexual assault occurred at Fawnbrook Apartments, in Twin Falls, when a 5-year-old was lured into a laundry room, stripped of her clothing, urinated on, and orally and anally raped while the oldest boy filmed the entire incident.

Now, following a sentencing hearing Monday at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center in Twin Falls, Judge Thomas Borresen of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District issued a gag order barring everyone in the courtroom from talking about it.


The victim’s lawyer is facing contempt charges because of a benign comment he made to the Idaho Statesman about the parents’ unhappiness with the verdict.

Mathew Staver, chairman and co-founder of the nonprofit legal assistance agency Liberty Counsel, told WND that Judge Borresen was completely out of line in issuing a gag order after the fact in a criminal case.

“It’s unconstitutional for the judge to do that. There are gag orders that can be put on people during a jury trial, or if it’s a minor they can prohibit you from mentioning the name of the minor, but they can’t gag you after the fact,” Staver said.

“This is public at this point. This judge, it just seems like he’s forgotten about the First Amendment in this case. He has no authority to do this, he can’t hold someone in contempt to keep them from speaking out about their displeasure with the case after the fact.”

Staver said case law is clear on the subject of gag orders.

May The LORD GOD help the innocent in this corrupt land.


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  1. I must use this Bonhoeffer quote: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” What do we do? I will do anything to help. I have followed this case since I read about it but this is too much! Nothing done to the rapists? Galatians 4:3 says, “Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.”

    I am sickened by this “judge” and the whole court system. I need to go talk to my Father God right now.


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