LET SCRIPTURES SPEAK ! Is Mary “Full of Grace” ?

2 TIM 3 VS 16



Is MARY “Full of GRACE?”  


A Deeper Look at “Hail, Mary

…Through the Eyes of Scripture

Part 2-A

A Guest Post by Sr. Judith Hannah  + + +


To Review: The First Phrase…


There are only 4 sentences which hold the 9 phrases in a “hail mary” ; the prayer is very short.


It is repeated 10 times FOR EACH OF THE FIVE mysteries ( i.e., the 5 topics or segments in focus) when worshippers “do” the rosary prayers, for a total of 50 times.


The first phrase is simply “Hail Mary… ” .


Is that from Scripture ?


Those who pray “the rosary”, claim it is from Luke 1:28.


And the angel came in unto her,

and said,

Hail, thou that art highly* favored,

the LORD is with thee:

blessed art thou among women.

Luke 1:28, KJV


* highly is NOT in the Greek text.

+ +  +


The first article was all about “HAIL.”  This second article will examine the second phrase printed by the Roman Catholic Marian Press’s “Hail Mary”, which is

 “….Hail Mary, “Full-of-Grace”…”


Scripture tells us there is only ONE+ Who+ was “”Full-of-Grace” and truth.”  That is written in John 1:14 and it refers to The LOGOS+, the Word+ made Flesh Who+ dwelt among us, Full of Grace and Truth.


Some modern versions claim that Stephen is “Full-of-Grace” also.


Those modern versions refute ALL of the Byzantine-Majority Text manuscripts, plus the Syriac Harclean version and the writings of Gregory of Nyssa, circa 394.  


This claim for Stephen is based on these faulty Alexandrian manuscripts:

  • Aleph ( Sinaiticus),

  • A, (Alexandrinus)

  • B ( Vaticanus),

  • D, (Bezae — Greek-Latin diglot , Fifth Century)

  • manuscripts 0175 ( listed as a Fifth Century uncial containing only Acts 6),

  • minuscules 33, 323, 614, 945*, 1175, 1739, 2495 [ * Byzantine manuscript; the other minuscules are listed as Alexandrian or mixed.]

  • SOME of the Latin manuscripts: lat = an agreement of only a part of the Old Latin with the Vulgate ( from Nestle-Aland’s 26th edition’s apparatus, Introduction, pg. 55).

  • Syriac Peshitta

  • Coptic versions

  • Three Papyri of the Alexandrian school: P8 and P45 — both of which are qualified in Nestle-Aland’s 26th ed., with “vid” . That means the reading is based only on some surviving letters or parts of letters found in the Papyrus. Also listed is Papyrus 74 with no qualifications.



These manuscripts are used as the basis to change “faith” to “grace” in Acts 6:8, identifying Stephen as “full of grace and power,” instead of “full of faith and power.” Acts 6:5 states that Stephen was “full of FAITH and The HOLY SPIRIT.” 



This change is yet another issue over Bible version translators using the few, eclectic manuscripts compiled from the Alexandrian school instead of the many manuscripts of the Byzantine Text.


We have the Nestle-Aland camp to thank for bringing in this confusion into Acts 6:8 in the Greek eclectic text and hence, into the modern versions based on the faulty Alexandrian texts. 


 Why did the Marian Press insert “Mary” into their rendition of Luke 1:28 ? 


Simply this: The Marian Press wanted to FOCUS the attention on Mary herself. If her name was left out — as it was in the Angel Gabriel’s address to her — then the focus would move onto the next phrase instead of high-lighting the personhood of Mary.


Praying The Words of an Angel ?


There is not one incident or example in Scripture, Old or New Covenant, of anyone praying or reciting the words which were spoken to men by an angel.


Gabriel is the angel that visited the prophet Daniel. He is the angel that visited Zachariah, John the Baptist’s father. Gabriel stands even today in the Presence of GOD.


However, there is simply NO JUSTIFICATION for lifting these words of the angel Gabriel from the historical account of the nativity of The LORD and placing them as prayers to be recited Even worse…

as prayers to be recited

towards another

human being


Mary was no goddess; she bore a baby, the Emmanuel. She also gave birth to other sons and daughters, according to Scripture.


Mary was no goddess; The GOD of Israel would have brought a cursing instead of a blessing upon her if she had tried to be a goddess.


Mary was no goddess; she was NEVER lauded anywhere in the New Testament church nor among the disciples and Apostles nor in the Scriptures. Mary was not lauded while she lived nor after she died, by the Early Apostolic Church.


Mary was not a mediatrix; not one person in the New Testament accounts ASKED Mary to pray to her birth-son JESUS for them.


Furthermore, if we look accurately at what Gabriel said to her, we will see that

the Angel Gabriel

did NOT laud Mary, either.


The Angel Gabriel said to her, “You, REJOICE !”  There was no obeisance. The Angel Gabriel did NOT bow down NOR offer worship to the Hebrew virgin Mariam


The last mention of Mary in Scriptures is found in Acts 1:14, in the Upper Room with the disciples after the Ascension of The LORD, where Mary was awaiting the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT … along with His+ brethren.


The Mary who is found in Scripture was not a super-human; she needed the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT just like all the other disciples needed it.


In the BRIEF encounters we have with the Mary found in Scriptures, she always and ever pointed to The LORD GOD her SAVIOR+.


Some Christians freely imbibe of the waters of the Apocryphal writings in regards to Mary. However, in regards to Mary they are legends and myths and cannot be trusted as equal in authority to Scriptures. There are NO such corresponding stories of Mary to be found in the New Testament. 


Truth resides in the HOLY SCRIPTURES which we have, given by inspiration of GOD and is profitable




for reproof,

for correction,

for instruction in Righteousness


and are able to make us WISE unto salvation through faith

which is in CHRIST JESUS

 … not Mary.


[ See 2 Timothy 3:15,16 ]

+  +  +







We come to THEE+ ashamed of the times we have forsaken Thy Clear and Clean WORD+ , given to us through the Blood of so many martyrs.


Help us to stay FIRMLY in Thy+ doctrine, teaching, and instruction in even the most minutest matters.


Keep us from going to the left and to the right, being double-minded in our ways.


O LORD, we forsake our natural-minded bend, our desire for something — anything — other than THEE+.  We forsake the teaching of men, the busy-ness of our own soul. 


Help us to turn to THEE+ for grace and power; let our ears not be tickled by our own fantasies.

We are determined to know NOTHING BUT CHRIST JESUS, and HIM+ crucified… whether it be through our own weakness, fear, or trembling. We will stay with THEE+ , O LORD, and with THEE+ ALONE.


This we pray in the NAME and through the Power of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST … the SAME+ yesterday, today, and forever.



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3 replies

  1. Thank you for all the research this article has been written with.I grew up catholic and sadly see little has changed such as the rosary and mary being lifted and equal with Jesus…….No where does scripture teach us mary hung on a cross and was our sacrificial lamb who takes away the sin of the world,nor are we to be praying to her! Scripture teaches clearly our Lord and Saviour said:”If we are to ask any thing we are to ASK IN HIS NAME (John 14:13-18),(1 John 3:22-24).

    Let us magnify the Lord and exalt His name together!(Psalm 34:1-3).God Bless you for showing forth the power found in His name Dear Sister in Christ.



    • Dear Julia,

      Thank you for your response.

      I did not grow up Catholic, but I have friends who did. Some have come out of it, having had their eyes opened and their hearts delivered from the Mary-lies.

      I have found that when they AGREE with the Mary-lies, it blinds them.

      So I am praying for those who are caught in it, to be delivered from the grip of this lie. They cannot possible KNOW THE LORD JESUS … and worship Mary too.

      Thank you for your support.

      In JESUS, Who+ alone is Life, both here and BEYOND THE GRAVE !!!


  2. Amen Sister,

    You have spoken truth here. There is no queen of heaven. That is a lie promoted by Apostate religious organizations. This practice is nowhere found in the ancient, apostolic , pre-Nicene church.

    It is a doctrine of DEMONS that the Apostle warned us about.

    There is only one MEDIATOR+ between GOD and man, the man CHRIST JESUS, Who+ is at the right hand of GOD, making continual intercession for us, Scripture says.

    The Apostle Paul said, ” If ANYONE comes to you , preaching another Gospel other than what I have preached to you, let him be accursed / anathema.”

    This is very serious. It is obvious that the demonic doctrine of mariolatry — calling her the “queen” of Heaven, calling her the co-mediatrix, and co-redemptrix is TOTAL BLASPHEMY and is another Gospel. Those who teach it and those who embrace it are accursed, according to Scripture.

    Let us continue to warn all who will listen to flee from this doctrine of demons .

    Let them run, instead, to CHRIST JESUS Who+ is the only one Who+ can deliver them from eternal death. HE+ is our great High Priest.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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