What Is It? Radicalism? Or An Evil Ideology Under The Guise Of Religious Belief?

Guise:  an external form, appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something.

Radicalism: The holding or following of radical or extreme views or principles.

Yesterday I replied on twitter to Jesse Waters as he had asked thoughts on the London and Manchester attacks.  My reply was a religious Holy Month causing death and destruction and world leaders are silent. SMH.  Prayers for London.  Well someone replied educating me, that it was radical extremists.  Don’t blame a whole religion.  So I reminded them to tell that to those killed and tortured in Pakistan for blasphemy and those in Iran also under Sharia law for different beliefs.  I’m still SMH.   I agree with Franklin Graham, praying the West wakes up.

The Mayor of London’s statement on the attacks there over the weekend were reported as saying that this was the new normal and people were to run, hide and tell.  As if this were to be tolerated.  The Prime Minister condemned the evil, but fell short.  President Trump condemned the blood shed and vowed to keep this evil from our shores.  CNN was caught in making a video showing Muslims protesting the attack that was proven to be fake.  The reality is Jordans King was right this is a Muslim problem and needs to be addressed by Islamic nations.  

The problem is the world governing body is shoving the abuse of Islamic nations under Sharia or tyrannical rule under the proverbial rug.  While the slaughter continues, they label it extremism.  Teresa May blames it on tolerance.  So perhaps this is a wake up call?

But until they recognize what it truly is, it will only get worse.

Whole countries like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others are killing, torturing, aressting innocent people simply for a different religious belief.  Or for women not complying with Islamic dress.

I heard Teresa May say that this people that come to her shores will have to recognize the values of the UK.  Isn’t this what liberals in the West have scrapped?  The idea of tolerance over assimilation.  Look what chaos, death and destruction this idea has caused.  If the West all of a sudden migrated to Islamic countries do you think our values like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of worship, freedom to dress the way we want would be tolerated?  Do you think Saudi Arabia would laugh about Kathy Griffin holding a replica of the Kings bloody head? 

Or maybe the Ayatollah would honor her in Iran for his head displayed in that manner.  Or would women in shorts, bikinis or jeans be accepted as is?  Do you think Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia would stand up for Gay rights?  Remember Gays are killed in these countries, same as non-believers.  

So you begin to see how ludicrous the idea of non-assimilation is.  In America and even the UK, people are allowed to worship whatever God or way they choose, but this forced conversion aided by tolerance has placed these freedoms in danger.  And sorry, but that is the goal of Islam.  It’s not just the Middle East, they want the world.

Call it what is.  Start with this barbaric, ideology, and Human rights abuses as it’s spilling over with ferocity and the boil off is killing freedom.  Food for thought, with the definitions above you could formulate an opinion that Islam is a radical belief system under the pretense of Islam, covering up the true nature of this religion.   However the left says it’s not so, they say Islam has been hijacked.  Like I said, I’m Shaking My Head.

My prayers are with the UK as they suffer this evil.  My prayers are with the brethren and innocent people enduring torture in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Iran and others.

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2 replies

  1. People just don’t get the fact that if a muslim imam, told his congregation in Wisconsin that they had to go out and begin killing non muslims, They would have no choice but to comply or be killed and face eternal damnation according to their faith. It doesn’t matter how often they claim they are non violent.


  2. Amen.
    The one who sought to “educate” you on Twitter obviously has NO IDEA what the Quran plainly states from mohammad; “to kill all of those who are “Kaffir” or unbelievers in all that I say! allah will be happy with you when you do this!!

    It is islam itself that is the same problem it has been for 1,400 years. Check history. Check the record. Stop believing the politically correct lies.

    If you are a living, breathing human being, YOU qualify to be the next one killed for the greater glory of the dirty little demon called allah. Get real! Open your eyes. islam will bring this evil to these shores if at all possible, with the help of government harlots and politically correct fools.

    The ones in London who did this are only obeying what the quran plainly tells them to do! This is islam folks. There is no moderate or extremist. That is a concocted lie. Wake up to the CHARADE that is taking place.

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