This BRAVE New World — Protects the Lie of islam

 Her Loved One was slain.

Guest Post by Sr. Judith Hannah  + + +


Shame, Shame, SHAME …  upon the islamic jihadists who so bravely executed 29 innocent, un-armed, non-harmful Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt, on May 26, 2017.


BRAVE ?  These wicked, well-equipped, well-funded, and well-protected young muslim men must have had a LOT of fear to over-come, gearing up to attack these “dangerous” Christian pilgrims on their way to the monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor.


Yes, fear of the battle is hard to over-come when attacking adults on their way to a religious site to pray… Christian adults, that is, who are helpful to others, harmless to all, and productive citizens of their nation.


Particularly hard is it to whip up bravery when executing children of the Christians, who — unlike muslim children — are taught to love their enemies, not being programmed from the cradle to kill.


[ Hitler’s soldiers were pretty brave too; it is a rough battle to face when killing the handicapped, the helpless, the homeless and nameless.  Slaughtering them was a tough task, also. ]


Who cannot but help to admire such bravery ? 


But wait… the world has not yet seen ANY bravery from the islamic jihadists !



Let’s not confuse

butchery with bravery.


Instead, The LORD showed the world TRUE BRAVERY. There were 29 examples of what real bravery is.


There are 29 new souls under the altar of GOD, The ELOHIM.


There are 29 new martyrs of The LORD JESUS CHRIST, newly-clothed in white Heavenly garments, who are told to rest yet for a little season. 


There are 29 souls who overcame the devil by The Blood of The LAMB+ and by The Word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.


Even the Christian children had the power of GOD upon them to hold fast to The LORD JESUS CHRIST when faced with point-blank execution. They did not deny HIM+ before men, and there were witnesses left alive to report this to the world.


The brave main-stream media had a hard time too, once again not managing to discover the facts while reporting to the world that the islamic jihadists sprayed the bus with gunfire.




How could the muslim men have questioned each of the 29 victims FIRST, asking them to deny CHRIST and follow mohammed and become like them, and then command them to regroup on the bus … so they could spray the bus with gunfire and kill THEM specifically ?


But, perhaps the bus was sprayed as these brave men fled from the scene ?


The brave new worldlings clucked their tongues and shook their heads for a moment, but what is there to do? Terrorists will be terrorists… tch, tch.


The brave Egyptian forces could not seem to locate these killers on a road through the desert. Hmm… lots of places to hide … maybe under the sand ? Maybe lots of traffic ? 


Maybe a plethora of highways, so the militia was confused as to “what road” the killers used to escape ?


Why is it that these brave islamic jihadists never attack the Egyptian militia … who have weapons and will fight back ?


Are they brothers ?  Does their funding come from the same source? Do they share a common ideology, a common hatred for Christians ? ARE THEIR PUPPET-MASTERS the same ?


If so, they will share a common fate unless they repent and turn to become like the Christians they martyred.


May The LORD strengthen all Christians for the battle for their souls. That battle is promised and it is here.


And when he had opened the fifth seal,

I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain

for the word of GOD,

and for the testimony which they held:


And they cried with a loud voice, saying,

How long, O LORD, HOLY and TRUE,

dost THOU not judge and avenge our blood

on them that dwell on the earth?


And white robes were given

unto every one of them;

and it was said unto them,

that they should rest yet for a little season,




their fellowservants also and their brethren,

that should be killed as they were,

should be fulfilled.


Revelation 6: 9-11

+  +  +


And now, O LORD, we present unto THEE+ our Selves, our Souls, and our Bodies, to be a holy and living sacrifice unto THEE+ … which is our reasonable service. Amen and thankfully so… for our labor is not in vain in CHRIST.


This is OUR “Memorial Day.”  This is where and how we remember our dear ones slain in battle. For our CITIZENSHIP is in HEAVEN.

+  +  +



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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