Christians Are Dying In Prison While World Leaders Are Silent

While the world’s leaders focus on ISIS and Trump’s trip to the Middle east calling it a success, attention is drawn away from the plight of Christian refugees.  

While Trump condemns killing of Christians and enlists the help of Arab and Islamic countries to eradicate ISIS, and what he describes as evil ideology and a global war on Terror, the underlying cause of persecution and killing of Christians in Sharia law countries like Pakistan is ignored.

A few US Senators have taken to raising voices for those in prison in Iran, but it’s not enough.

Turkey also is ignored and allowed to commit human rights abuses attacking religious freedom.

Pakistan is literally getting away with murder.  The abuses by these countries are hideous, and yet their leaders are lauded.  

Pakistan has even reached out in the recent past to the free world of social media to help them PERSECUTE under their heinous blasphemy law.  And are helping them.  

Persecuting Christians in all areas of Pakistan for simply speaking about Christ.  So many have been killed in Pakistan, burned alive, drug through streets naked, beat to death, raped and hung for this evil law.

Yet there is no outcry or condemnation from Trump or other world leaders.  How shameful is that?

The UNHCR the very world body in charge of Human Rights and ensuring all are safe, is committing crimes against humanity.  I have heard of and spoken with  many from Pakistan escaping torture and death from the heinous blasphemy laws and hatred of Christians, now seeking safety and asylum in Thailand denied safety by the UNHCR as they refuse to recognize that Pakistan persecuted Christians, despite mounting evidence.  Asia Bibi is still in prison in Pakistan awaiting her death sentence for her belief in Christ.  And yet no government of the free world has even whispered about her. 

Now we have learned of a Pakistani Christian who sought refuge in Thailand, not only denied safety but in essence murdered in detention in Thailand.  Thailand raids Christian asylum seekers homes regularly and even though they have cards from the UNHCR identifying them as asylum seekers they are arrested and placed in detention.

A 36 y/O man has died in Thailand’s horrendous detention center.  He suffered a stroke, in which a local pastor helped give money to be initially treated, but returned to detention only to be treated with contempt, and abused.  He suffered a heart attack with guards saying he was faking and his body dragged into a common cell and left for hours before even the mortuary was called.  Read More.

How many more will die or suffer because of hatred of Christians in Muslim, Sharia law countries, or countries like Thailand or Malaysia before world leaders say enough.  They blame all the world’s deaths, Genocide and persecution on ISIS saying this is a twisted ideology and not Islam.  But these countries are the same.  They hold the same ideology.  The very same laws of killing the non-believer , but are lauded as allies in a fight against terror.  They have aided in the takeover by a beast and even condone great Human Rights Abuses by these evil ideologies.  

What do you think Pakistan’s Blasphemy is?  It  holds the death penalty for those who dare to speak the truth about Christ, it’s the killing of non believers sanctioned by their Holy Book.  Hello!

How long will the World remain silent?  World leaders have blood on their hands, they will be judged by Almighty God for their silence.

Mathew 25:

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 

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2 replies

  1. This is completely hideous. The leaders including Mr. Trump know what is happening. It is not “Convenient” to speak out forcefully. There are certain things he is allowed to say and certain things he is NOT allowed to say. This farce is all scripted.

    The big trip overseas was not successful but instead part of the planned agenda to gain control of certain areas of the world for the “Puppet Masters” who pull the strings for even Mr. President. If he steps too far over the line his strings will be CUT’.

    The”Blasphemy” law needs to be destroyed, along with the satanic “Death Cult” that inspired it. To put someone to death for refusing to believe in the demon-possessed, murdering, raping, fake-prophet mohammad is a huge crime by itself. These islamic satanists cannot even stand to hear of CHRIST because the demons that control them cannot stand to hear that HOLY NAME.

    The U.N. is WORTHLESS and delights to hear of Christians being killed, the same as they delight in Jews being killed and Israel being controlled by islam. Look at who are the members in that accursed organization. The same ones who allow and enforce the damnable “blasphemy” law in their own nations.

    There is no help at this point from the U.N. and most likely will never be. They are the ones pushing for One World Government and to them the Christians are a nuisance and an inconvenience that must be dealt with. The islamic butchers are a convenient way to accomplish this. They are pushing to bring it to these shores also. You see, the Christians’ prayers and their very existence hinders the U.N. plans.

    I am praying for the Judgment and Wrath of The LORD GOD upon the U.N. and ALL of the nations that are fighting against HIM+ and HIS+ Children. THE NATIONS ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE. Inspired by satan and his cohorts, they actually think they can win. THEY HAVE A RUDE AWAKENING COMING!

    LORD GOD, HEAVENLY FATHER, HELP YOUR CHILDREN IN THIS TIME OF THE BEGINNING TRIBULATION. Strike down the adversary, FATHER, we ask in JESUS’ Name, and open the eyes of the many caught in the death trap of islam and nation worship. Amen.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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