The Betrayal of Israel is Underway…..Current Phase

Hammer of the Whole Earth, still the same ugly beast-

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The betrayal of Israel by America is underway. The U.S. is showing its true colors, and who and what it truly serves.


Those who are sworn to the destruction of Israel are being placated and pampered. The U.S. has already told Israel that the Western Wall, the “Wailing Wall” is not its “Territory”.


Most of Jerusalem is not Israel’s either, neither is Bethlehem nor the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, according to the U.N. and U.S.  

It is said that NO Israeli official will accompany Mr. Trump to the “Wailing Wall” or to Bethlehem and the Holy Sepulcher.   WHY? Because It would NOT make the muslims or their elite backers happy, that’s why!  Mr Trump has NO understanding of what islam truly is.

The American “Death Merchants” have agreed to sell Saudi Arabia $110  Billion dollars of high tech military hardware immediately, going up to $350 billion dollars over a few years.   These murdering, beheading devils are sworn to Israel’s destruction.


America is equipping them to do the job!




The ONE+ Who will save Israel

is the same ONE+

Who+ will destroy Babylon America.


The video below is very explicit in the anti-Israel, anti- Jewish sentiments of U.S. politicians and Roman Catholic Church religious leaders. It is hard to hear and harder to know that it is still happening even now.


***** Disclaimer:  Toward the end of the video the “Secret pre-trib rapture” is mentioned. We do not accept this false teaching, as it is only about 180 years old and was not taught by the Apostolic pre-Nicene church.


We also do not hold to the “official” report that the muslims did the 9/11 event.  That event was done by VERY high level, deep state, shadow government people, who had planned this event for years in order to bring the world to the place it is at now. 

That act of mass murder was the first of a row of dominoes that would push “The Plan” of Global control and one-world government and religion forward.

The political leaders of the U.S. were culpable and collaborated in that horrible event.*******


Video:  Israel, islam, and Armageddon


We are living in Perilous times., in times of deception. Draw near to The LORD+ and shut yourself in with HIM+.  Believe ONLY what HE+ says. Be led by The HOLY SPIRIT. Stand Firm.


+  +  +



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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