Know And Test The Spirits Of Today

What happens when Christians bow to politically correct doctrine?

As I asked God for my daily word, while watching many in the faith turn toward acceptance of worldly appearances, this question settled into my mind.

I also remembered a radio program by Paul Harvey titled “If I were the Devil.”  In this soliloquy Paul talks as if he were the Devil and portrays that if he were satan he would do just as he was doing, removing  God from schools and the public, luring whole peoples into drugs and diseases with beds of sexual immorality, what’s so striking about this is, it was given decades ago and now we are seeing the end product of this.  Was Paul Harvey a Prophet?  

He was a man who actually read the Scripture and warnings and understood that America was on a slippery slope.  It seemed for a while that the Christian leaders was able to delay the slide into debauchery but then the lure of the world led by Satan slowly took hold and we slid straight into the mire that we are in today.  

Leaving whole populations of believers in genocide and persecution not witnessed for centuries.  Causing the Church, the true Church to dig underground because we are labeled with everything from racists, bigots and every phobic imaginable.  

As we watch our brethren slaughtered one by one, as we watch them beaten and tortured in chains, as we watch the world governing body of the UN deny them safe asylum while changing world opinion and denying their persecution while saying Muslims are the persecuted group.  And actually allowing and aiding in the arrest of those sharing the gospel of Christ to call this blasphemy and allow murders of those following the one true God, I shake my head, and Revelation comes roaring into focus.  The world is causing even Christians to bow and accept this beast.

One of the biggest false doctrines put out by those in power in recognition of this beast is the statement “there are 3 Abrahamic religions.”

And you know what?   This one statement alone has deceived over  half the world.  

Abraham did not create 3 religions or faiths.  Abraham was chosen by God as the Father of His chosen people.  There is a specific bloodline preserved from the very beginning, and just as this was from the beginning so was Satan’s mission to destroy it.  Paul explains this very well in Galatians chapter 4:

Abraham’s Two Children
21 Tell me, you who want to live under the law, do you know what the law actually says? 22 The Scriptures say that Abraham had two sons, one from his slave wife and one from his freeborn wife. 23 The son of the slave wife was born in a human attempt to bring about the fulfillment of God’s promise. But the son of the freeborn wife was born as God’s own fulfillment of his promise.

24 These two women serve as an illustration of God’s two covenants. The first woman, Hagar, represents Mount Sinai where people received the law that enslaved them. 25 And now Jerusalem is just like Mount Sinai in Arabia,  because she and her children live in slavery to the law. 26 But the other woman, Sarah, represents the heavenly Jerusalem. She is the free woman, and she is our mother. 27 As Isaiah said,

“Rejoice, O childless woman,
    you who have never given birth!
Break into a joyful shout,
    you who have never been in labor!
For the desolate woman now has more children
    than the woman who lives with her husband!”
28 And you, dear brothers and sisters, are children of the promise, just like Isaac. 29 But you are now being persecuted by those who want you to keep the law, just as Ishmael, the child born by human effort, persecuted Isaac, the child born by the power of the Spirit.

30 But what do the Scriptures say about that? “Get rid of the slave and her son, for the son of the slave woman will not share the inheritance with the free woman’s son.” 31 So, dear brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman; we are children of the free woman.
And again in Romans chapter 11:

The deliverer will come from Zion;
    he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.
27 And this is my covenant with them
    when I take away their sins.”

Get that?  The deliverer will come from Zion, not Mecca, not Medina, not another Prophet.  What part of this does the body of world leaders not understand?  Instead they label the Apostle Paul a Bigot and Touting how wonderful the 3 religions coming together and bowing to a false God is.  The dragon has been thrown down and is deceiving the elect, just as Jesus warned.  Or could Jesus have been referring to those deceived as fake to begin with?  As he said “will deceive even the elect if that were possible.”  We have to get this right.  Because there are even men and women proclaiming prophecy and Apostleship that are falling away to the seductive luring of the world.  Watch Social media for a while it will turn your stomach.  And you know one of the first signs is impatience with God’s mission for you (just like Abraham and Sarah), then vengeance, then sexual inuendos and provacativness, ending with a complete denial of wrongdoing.  The Great falling away is happening before our eyes.  Time to wake up.

I’ll end with Romans chapter 8:

Life in the Spirit
8 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. 2 And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you  from the power of sin that leads to death. 3 The law of Moses was unable to save us because of the weakness of our sinful nature.  So God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son in a body like the bodies we sinners have. And in that body God declared an end to sin’s control over us by giving his Son as a sacrifice for our sins. 4 He did this so that the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for us, who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the Spirit.5 Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit. 6 So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace. 7 For the sinful nature is always hostile to God. It never did obey God’s laws, and it never will. 8 That’s why those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God.9 But you are not controlled by your sinful nature. You are controlled by the Spirit if you have the Spirit of God living in you. (And remember that those who do not have the Spirit of Christ living in them do not belong to him at all.) 10 And Christ lives within you, so even though your body will die because of sin, the Spirit gives you life because you have been made right with God. 11 The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.

12 Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, you have no obligation to do what your sinful nature urges you to do. 13 For if you live by its dictates, you will die. But if through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature, you will live. 14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.

15 So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children.  Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” 16 For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children. 17 And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering.

Credit to Bible Gateway

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  1. Amen! The Western church is willful and stubborn. This is as idolatry and witchcraft. They have refused correction.
    I heard the other day about a filthy program that was put on U.S. TV. It portrayed two sodomite men having their perverted sexual routine, nothing hidden. Total pornography! I only read about this, but there has been no outcry against this from the church system! America is dead in the water.
    And now the further betrayal of Israel by the U.S. government! Can Judgment and Wrath be far off?
    “SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS”, JESUS said this! It comes from NO other race of people. HE+ is The Lion of the Tribe of JUDAH, The Lamb of GOD Who takes away the sins of the world, for all who come to HIM+ in Repentance and in Truth.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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