Why Do We Bow To Any Other Diety?

Bear with me for a minute as we work through recent events and what messages their actions send. 

I’ve said from the begining, that while I defended President Trump against the vile attacks from the left, I would be watching and reporting any warning signs.

While leaders and the press look for Russian spies, and so many are hand wringing over Trump’s decisions especially the withdrawal from the TPP trade agreement, (which I applaud) There is something that disturbs me greatly.  Of course all the recent events are disturbing, Trump’s admission he gave the Generals cart- blanche  when it came to striking the airport in Syria, after allegations Assad used chemical weapons.  I do think it’s time for the Generals to have power back that Obama stripped, but…. Iran’s involvement in that airport and the slaughter there has gone virtually unchallenged.  North Korea threats, Turkeys latest grab of ultimate power leading to dictatorship, that Trump congratulated, to recent terror sttacks, and Russia, Iran, North Korea and China are among the most disturbing.  All sit at the table and lie to each other just as spoken of in Daniel 11.

But it’s the little things that raise the hackles also.  So many women across the world, as in Iran and other Muslim countries, begging for the rights Western women have.  The right of freedom to speak, and wear what they want.  There are women in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and even Indonesia beaten for not complying to a dress code, or Sharia law.  Here is just one report and video of a woman beaten in Indonesia for standing too close to her boyfriend! (Read and watch)

Now to what is most troublesome.  Vice President Pence recently went to Indonesia and visited a mosque, bowed, took his shoes off and praised the leaders there for their “moderate muslim” government.  Really?? And what’s most disturbing, is while UK Prime Minister Teresa May recently refused to donn a headscarf on her visit to Saudi Arabia, in solidarity with this symbol of oppression on women.  Mike Pence’s wife and other females with, proudly donned a head covering in tribute.  

Yes, yes she did. Zoom in on the tweet and you will see.  I can’t understand the need to visit a mosque or dress like them.  I really cant.  There are ways to show respect and love for others without bowing to another’s God.

And as for praising their tolerance, really?? Tell that to the women in Indonesia under Sharia law.  

Again we see the propaganda of the beast from the earth, telling all to worship this God and bow in solidarity.  

Daniel was thrown into the Lions den, Shadrach, Meshach and Abindigo were thrown into a fiery furnace for refusing to bow even their head, to another, Daniel refused to eat food provided, so why are we bowing even our heads to this foreign God?  Do we not know or remember that the worst punishments God invoked on Israel was because they bowed the knee to Baal and other gods??  Do you think he’s silently telling us it’s ok?? 

Repent, as in Revelation.  This is not a great science fiction book to entertain.  This is Jesus warning us that God’s patience will end!  And still we bow to other gods.  Still we don’t repent!  “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for Satan has been cast down with great wrath.” (Revelation 12:12)

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  1. I could not agree more! A few weeks ago, Condoleeza Rice visited the White House (Mar 31). On the campaign trail Trump criticized Bush 43 and Rice. Rice called for Trump to withdraw from race.

    But…after this meeting we had the very fishy story of Syria’s Asssad supposedly gassing his own people, many of them children, for reasons no one can fathom. And then Trump does his best imitation of Bush 43 and bombs Syria and just like his predecessor Obama- calls for the removal of Assad. The shadow government in this country really needs aside out of there for reasons we may never learn. Or it may be as simple as a pipeline that they need to connect through turkey so sorry Arabia can provide oil to Europe.

    All the media that hated Trump before the attack on the Syrian airport now were cheerleading him and saw him his presidential.

    All the western countries have shied away from Assad’s (and Russia’s) challenge to investigate the supposed use of Sarin gas. And our media has not covered that aspect.

    Something definitely has changed and I think the meeting with Rice was a significant turning point.

    I remember feeling unsettled the night of the attack and thinking this is not the guy that ran for president and I also became aware that I was expecting him- dumbly I might add- to act as the savior (small “S”) of our country ….. and YHWH opened my eyes and reminded me to keep my focus on Him. So while it is unsettling that things have flipped, for me personally I got realigned and put the focus back where it belongs- on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit… And the Word.

    The masses -on both sides of the political spectrum -don’t talk about this and don’t seem to have noticed anything. I think we should each thank God that he has given us discernment. Have a good week!


  2. Something does NOT feel right. Many things have changed in a very short period of time. The President’s very countenance and demeanor have changed in less than a week. Many have been placed in positions of authority that have NO intention of honoring or obeying The LORD GOD or HIS Eternal SON+The MESSIAH+.

    This is nothing new of course.

    Much of the evangelical church system have felt that Mr. Trump would be a savior of America, a Cyrus, I think a certain prophecy said. However there has been NO repentance from the church system, or the American people as a whole.

    No repentance equals no salvation.

    Bowing down to other “gods” is what those in the “City of Ba’al” do best.

    Does religion unify, as Mr. Pence said? Stand firm for The SON+ of GOD in the U.S. schools, on the floor of congress or the senate, and you will find just how much it unifies a nation in rebellion and hatred of the Law and the Prophets, and the precious Gospel of The SON+ of GOD which they both proclaimed.

    The Lord Mashiach+ is going to cleanse The Temple of Living Stones, driving out the money-worshipers and gathering out of HIS+ Kingdom all things that offend, all who easily bow down to “alien gods.” The Shield of YHWH is gone from the American people. HE+ has been openly challenged and insulted by the mammon-serving politicians and those who are behind them.

    AS for “Moderate” islam, the quran still tells them also to kill all who refuse to submit to the demon god allah and its false prophet mohammad, and the filthy sharia law. Ask the women trapped in the hellish system if it is “Moderate”. Ask the men who are afraid to speak out for fear that their families will be murdered or their wives and daughters raped by “Moderate” islam! The lying must stop at some point. It will NOT stop with the lying politicians whose business it is to keep tight control on the masses. The agenda is still being worked out! Watch and see what happens.

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