A Letter To My Lord, I’m Sorry

A letter to My Lord,

Lord, as I think about your last hours on earth and give thanks for your Sacrifice and blood shed for me a sinner, undeserving.  And I’m heartbroken as I watch the world.  It’s worse now than ever.  As we watch the cruel wars you warned of, we may never know the exact number of Saints who have been slaughtered, nor the number of innocents killed in these greedy, wars for plunder and those forcing all to worship a beast who declares it’s God and denies you.  Lord, the church is falling apart, except for the persecuted church and it is growing.  The Western church sits in sin and silence as our brethren suffer and die.  Father “How long?” 

Lord I can see your agony in my minds eye, I can feel your cries, your pleading for us.  Lord your sacrifice means everything to me and those who have died for following you.  I can feel that your close, I can feel time is short.  I’m worried as you, will there be faith when you return?  I know your remnant is busy, and you will save a remnant for yourself, it’s just hard to watch so many falling away into the hands of the world led by Satan.  Hold us tight Lord, have mercy on your children. I’m so sorry for many things.

I’m so sorry for my fellow man, I’m so sorry Lord, I ask repentance for our country but Lord they refuse to turn from their wicked ways, in true repentance.  Have mercy Lord on me a sinner.  I praise you Lord, and thank you for your Gift, of eternal life, and I long to see your return.  Give me strength to endure to the end, to finish the race.  To see your Glorious face and fall at your feet. Give me the words to say so that others will want the gift you gave freely on the cross, no greater love exists than the sufferring and pain you endured for us, so we might live.  To look upon your risen and Glorious body as the disciples did, come quickly Lord Jesus.    Help me to keep ready for you.  Always watching and warning. 

Awaiting Your Return,

A Humble Follower

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  1. The Lord was a man of sorrows and those who serve HIM see the world as HE did by His spirit. The world will mock and scoff at the wisdom of God, but we know our sorrow will be turned into joy for having served our Lord! I hear you CJ we are living in a world that disregards the power of God. God Bless You. Julia
    Ecclesiastes 7:2-4
    Psalm 30:5

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  2. Mankind is like mathematics, some are positives, others are negatives, some are givers, others takers, some are multipliers, others dividers. The takers are like subtractions, never adding, always taking away, never helping anyone to grow. But, the positives, the additions know , all subtraction eventually ends up at zero. The subtractions defeat their own purpose, eliminating themselves! The additions preserve themselves, never subtracting, always adding to others, enhancing themselves, always multiplying the number of the faithful. Never divided in their faith in Christ. Thus, they become greater than when they started out, always forming unions with God who is greater than self. They are additions unto God, multiplications of His truth! Through Jesus Christ, their possibilities are endless for His equations are as infinite as Himself.
    May the Lord keep in the shadow of His wings.


  3. Amen sister CJ,
    I am watching for the showing forth of the LORD’S+ Mighty Arm+ against the workers of evil. We are in a war and it is to the death.

    The lying satan knows that he has only a short time left. The war is on. Messiah JESUS has already won. We must now stand for HIM+ as HE+ stood for us.

    We shall overcome in the Power of The ELOHIM. “It is not by human might nor by human power, BUT BY MY+ Spirit says YHWH of Armies.” “YHWH is a MAN+ of War!”

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  4. C.J.

    Just to paint you the bigger picture, there are human beings upon the face of the earth having sex with little children and drinking children’s blood. The end to all things is near. The heart of the Lord Jehovah is broken.

    Lord do not forgive them for they knoweth well what they do. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ to destroy all Satanism from upon the land.

    Stay ready. Maranatha.


    • I understand the evil that is at work. It grieves me, I also pray and even ask the same things that the Saints under the Altar in Revelation ask “How long Oh Lord before you Avenge?” I also know those doing evil and as my vision showed me a year ago, they will die in their sins. I also know the vision God gave me 7 years ago that Jesus’ return was near and to warn. I have warned and will continue to warn until I take my last breath. God is not slack in His promise he is patient and wants all to repent and turn to Him. Yes we must stay vigilent, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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