Good Wednesday…….


in commemoration of

The Great — and Final — Passover

Part 2

CHRIST our Passover+

is sacrificed for us;

therefore, let us keep the feast.

not with old leaven,


neither with the leaven

of malice and wickedness;


but with the unleavened bread

of purity (Gk) and truth.

1 Corinthians 5:7,8

+ + + + + + +

The Crucifixion

… on “Good”  Wednesday

Three Full Days and Three Full Nights, in The  Heart of the Earth.


The LORD JESUS had sanctified the Bread and the Cup as His+ Body and Blood for the disciples.


HE+ had taken the Cup — perhaps, His+ own Cup — and passed it around at the Table, telling His+ disciples to divide it among themselves.

His+ prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane along with His+ first drops of blood, shed in agony, were finished.


The mockery of a trial by the unrighteous authorities, both civilian and religious, had been endured, along with the bruising dealt HIM+ by the goyim, the unclean.

Some more of His+ Blood was shed.

The crown of thorns pierced His+ brow.

More shedding of that Precious Blood.

Then the scourging, with leather whips embedded with metal and sharp objects, was administered by the men of war. At this point His+ Blood was flowing .  The skin on His+ backside was in tatters. Very likely His+ arms and legs felt the lash as well; the Romans were not known to be gentle.

And HE+ had not come to the Cross yet.

Crucifixion would have taken place ( on our Wednesday ) at the hour of the morning sacrifice in the Temple, the 3rd hour … our 9 a.m. 


As the LAMB+ of GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST fulfilled the entire pattern presented to Israel in the Temple sacrifices, for they were precisely ordained of old for this reason exactly.

This Carpenter, this LAMB+ of GOD, had likely carried many a heavy beam of wood hewn from the forest. Likely HE+ had walked many a mile in His+ 3.5 years of ministry. HE+ was hardy and strong.


After His+ Agony, His+ bruisings, His+ scourging, The LAMB+ was so depleted of blood, of His+ natural strength, that HE+ could not carry the beam of His+ Cross and walk a mile.  It would seem HE+ had super-natural strength, though, or else medical shock would have set in. During all of this HE+ was in complete control of HIS+ faculties.

Thus, they crucified the SON+ of GOD. All the unclean… the unclean goyim…  the unclean religious leaders … the unclean public who cried with insatiable lust for blood,

” Crucify HIM+ ! “


” Crucify HIM+ ! “

HE+ Who+ showed mercy, had none given to HIM+.

Thus, at 9 a.m., mid-week, the day before a High Holy Sabbath, they crucified our LORD JESUS CHRIST at the time of the morning sacrifice in the Temple.

His+ words recorded were:


forgive them,

for they know not

what they do.”


Do we suppose The FATHER answered this prayer ?

At noon, the 6th hour, the world went dark. It was a darkness which could be felt and NO… it was NOT an eclipse. None had been recorded by the astronomers, and No rainstorm.  Only a frightening and supernatural darkness was recorded as HE+ endured the agonies of the Cross.

The world is going to go dark again soon as we prepare for His+ return to planet earth and this time, with a DIVINE ROD of IRON.

The Agony of the Cross 

Let’s look at some of it. It is written that every muscle in the body of a crucified victim locks into a muscle spasm. We call them “a charlie horse”, a small cramp of leg or back. Normally, it is only one painful muscle which tightens and locks. Normally, it is over in minutes. HIS+ lasted hours, and there was no pulling out of them. It affected His+ entire body.

Then, at the 9th hour … 3 p.m. our time … HE+ said,


” It is finished, FATHER;

into Thy Hands

I+ commend My+ Spirit.”



And HE+ bowed HIS+ head and released HIS+ Spirit and descended into the heart of the earth.


As HE+ gave the sop to Judas at the Table, the LORD JESUS gave His+ authority and permission to be crucified by the Unclean.  



HE+ set in motion the final act to do His+ Heavenly FATHER’S will, a plan that was agreed upon before the foundation of the earth,  Revelation 13:8.


HE+ did the Will of The FATHER

to bring many sons to HIM.



As it is written:


 For it became HIM,

for Whom are all things,

and by Whom are all things,

in bringing many sons unto glory,


to make

the Captain+ of their Salvation

perfect through sufferings.

Hebrews 2:10



The count-down of three days and three nights HE+ would spend in the heart of the earth began.



Night one

in the heart

of the earth.

+ + +


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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