A Message To Those Killing The Saints 

ISIS claims responsibility for killing Christians in Egypt on Palm Sunday

My heart is breaking for our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt today.  Palm Sunday when Jesus Christ made His Triumphant entry, marks a day of sorrow and sadness.  The first bomb was carried out on the front pew of a Coptic church as they celebrated our Lord.  The second was outside St. Marks  church.  Mark took the Gospel to Egypt 2,000 years ago.  Now I understand that Egypt is no longer Egypt.  It’s name is now “The Arab Republic of Egypt.”  This is true.  I can not tell for sure when this name was resurrected, but it’s true.  And this is the growing danger facing Christians.  ISIS has claimed responsibility, so my message is for them and also the Islamists in Egypt.

My  message for the religion of peace, the religion of satan.

You will not snatch us out of Christ’s hands.  You will not steal our joy at the greatest gift and sacrifice ever given by God to His people.  We will mourn, but not like you or others who have no hope.  For we Rejoice at the gift of eternal life given us by God through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST!

YOU WILL NOT INSTILL FEAR IN OUR HEARTS.   For us we have joy.  You have been unleashed from the pits of Hell to wreak havoc but you will not win.  You will be cast into the pit that burns with everlasting fire, for you, there will be gnashing of teeth and great pain and sorrow for eternity.

For us God will personally wipe away every tear, every heartache and we will reign with Christ forever.

This is the Glory of Christ!  You will not diminish that with your demonic ideology.  Or your commands from satan to destroy God’s people.  Your time is short.

My heart and prayers are with our Brethren there and across Africa and the Middle East.  The Blood of the Saints is calling to God and your time is almost up.

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2 replies

  1. I hope we all remember to pray for those who seek to kill the followers of Christ this Holy Week.
    May they convert their hearts to the One true God before it’s too late.


  2. Amen. We are in total agreement with this.

    May our LORD+ come swiftly in flaming Fire to take vengeance for HIS+ Children the Whole House of Israel.

    Yes. Time is short for this satanic ideology and their blood thirsty demon god and the demon possessed false prophet mohammad who commanded his followers to kill Christians and Jews.

    Time is truly very short for this evil entity. May The LORD GOD hasten HIS+ Day and the striking down of HIS+ enemies. VENGEANCE is HIS+.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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