The Triumphful Entry of Mashiach+ into Jerusalem

It is Passover.   Our Passover+ entered into Jerusalem with the crowds of pilgrims proclaiming HIM+ as the Son of David, ha Mashiach+.

At this time of the year, there would have been over two million Jews there at Jerusalem for Passover.  The city of Jerusalem could contain around 350,000, with the rest “camping out,” as it were. Tents, booths, and temporary dwellings would have been spread out into the whole countryside around Jerusalem.

The crowds that  met Yeshua /Jesus coming to Jerusalem would have been massive. The amount of garments strewn in the way would have been tremendous.  The excited uproar was noted by everyone, officials included.

The crowd was rolling out the “Red-Carpet” for The Son of David!  All had heard that HE+ had just raised a man to life who had been dead four days. They were very excited.  This, they said, was the King of Israel, ha Mashiach+.

Prophecies were being fulfilled before their eyes, even as prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes today.  The religious leaders did not like it! They complained and asked HIM+ to forbid HIS+ disciples from saying these things. HE+ answered them, ” If these should go silent, then the stones would cry out !”

He+ then went and cleansed the Temple, driving out the servants of mammon and the defilers of HIS+ Father’s House.   ( HE+ is going to do that again to those who have defiled the Temple of Living Stones and have hindered those little ones who want to enter into the Kingdom.)

WE are looking for HIS+ second Triumphal Entry, this time through the clouds, rending the heavens on HIS+ way to the Mount of Olives, which shall split down the middle before Jerusalem.

HE+ shall have cleansed HIS+ Temple of Living Stones and shall have them with HIM+ as HE+ rescues Jerusalem from those who seek to destroy it.   The cities of the nations will be flattened and the infrastructure of the nations will be destroyed and the arrogant armies of the nations will be wiped out.

  Mashiach+ is going to rule the nations with a Rod of Iron from the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel that HE+ will build in Jerusalem. There will be Peace over all of the earth. HE+ will enforce Peace with that Rod of Iron.

No one will hurt anyone, food will be plentiful, water will be clean once again, there will be no more lying politicians, and those left of the nations will be allowed to participate in this “Day of The LORD” . . . the 1,000 year long Day that begins with the First Resurrection of the the Righteous and ends with the Second and final Resurrection of the rest of the dead.

The Second Triumphal Entry is on the way! Let us be prepared for it!  Hosannah to The Son of David! Blessed is HE+ Who comes in the Name of YHWH of Armies!   YHWH is a MAN+ of War!  Yes HE+ is! Watch and see!

Come Lord JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA ha MASHIACH+.  Take back the world from the hands of the evil one and his servants. Destroy every lie and Reign in Power and Great Glory!

Strengthen us  our LORD+ to Overcome as You overcame and to be with you forever. Amen.

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  1. Come quickly Lord Jesus. He is so close. Prophecies are unfolding so quickly it’s hard to even keep up. May we all prepare for His Triumphant second coming.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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