President Trump’s Attack On The Shayrat Air Strip, What Does It Mean?

With Iran and Hezbollah In Syria, What Roles Do They Play?  Did Hezbollah Occupy The Air Base Destroyed Yesterday?  If So, What Implications Does This Have?


I learned of the news of President Trump’s action in Syria, late last night.  I had a rush of emotion, and uncertainty.  I have seen the image of children, and innocents dying a slow death from the Chemical attack.  I am outraged, and crushed at the cruelty of an evil attack on civilians.   This morning I have been searching reports to make sense of the actions taken.

I watched yesterday as our President stood in a news conference with King Abdullah of Jordan, I listened to President Trump’s clear message as he described the horrendous attacks on the innocent people of Syria with Sarin Gas.  I watched King Abdullah’s reaction, and it appeared he was in agreement, with Trumps stance Syria.

King Abdullah tweeted yesterday:  “Pleased to meet the US President today, optimistic build upon strategic relationships to support peace efforts and combat terrorism.”

I have searched for Jordan’s response to the attack on the Shayrat Airbase from Jordan but haven’t been able to find a response.  President Trump told King Abdullah that he had the utmost support for Jordan in the US.  He thanked him for his efforts on the war in Syria.  Jordan has been launching attacks there for at least a year, against ISIS.  Jordan lost pilots to the heinous group ISIS.  Trump said, “We will destroy ISIS and will protect civilization”, we will work with Jordan to combat an “Ideology”.  He praised the efforts of Abdullah for his works with refugees.

In the News Conference yesterday afternoon, before the Air Strike, King Abdullah praised President Trump and the US saying the “role of the US is key to issues around the world.”  He does voice a need for a political solution in Syria, to preserve life and land.  He stated that he was delighted with the discussions between he and Trump so for, and delighted for the future.  He stated his country had a strategic partnership with the US that he keeps close to the heart.  He also stated he was delighted with Trumps holistic approach to the Middle East, and also the way Trump moves his plan into action.  He said terrorism knows no borders, and he acknowledges the many players engaged in proxy wars with dubious interests.  He condemned the gas attacks without blaming Assad, and gave his full support to the President in this issue.  So it does appear that he understood and will back Trump’s decision, although no official statement has been given on Trump’s missile attack on the Shayrat air base yesterday.

Trump and other western nations have blamed Assad for the latest Sarin gas attack on the citizens of Syria.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other NATO countries have voiced support of President Trump  and the rebels say they “love him.”  The rebels are praising him.   President Trump blames Obama for his inaction.

I want to zero in for a minute on the quagmire of darkness there.  We have many players including Iran, with it’s many factions like the Iranian National Guard, & Hezbollah.  Here’s what we know:

  • We know that Iran is a terrorist state, and we know that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.
  • We know that Israel has attacked convoys of Hezbollah trucks moving weapons out of Syria.
  • We know that the rebels fighting there use their families and innocent people as sheilds.
  • We know that Hezbollah has one goal to wipe Israel off the map, and that they believe Israel is theirs “from the river to the sea.”  They share this goal with Iran and both have been extremely vocal about this.  They believe they will begin a war that will culminate in their control of the world aided by their god and messiah.  This is fact not sensationalism.
  • We know that Iran is aided by Russia, emboldened by the deal made by the Western leaders led by Obama.  We know that Iran has spent billions of dollars on these proxy wars.
  • We know that Iran and Russia and China back President Assad.  We know they claim they are fighting ISIS, albeit for different reasons.  Iran is fighting ISIS not for humanity reasons, but for the “caliphate”.   Iran believes they  will head the Islamic Caliphate that will  lead the Islamic takeover of the world, not ISIS.

There are 2 reports hidden almost from the news, one commentator on Fox mentioned it, and one on Twitter along with an alternate news site called Free Republic. Both the one on twitter and Fox news said that the airstrip that was attacked was occupied by Hezbollah forces.   Free Republic reported “1 pilot killed, 15 wounded, 20 aircraft destroyed, and unknown Hezbollah casualties

What we don’t know is who is in control of the stockpiles of chemical weapons that the world knows that ISIS has.  What we don’t know leads to many questions such as where are these stockpiles of Chemical weapons held by the rebels?  Are they in the hands of Hezbollah?   Iran says they condemn chemical weapons, but they also say they are against nuclear weapons.  If this is possible, that Iran, Hezbollah or both have or know where these stockpiles are,  at least the strike by Trump will show Russia and China that they need to reign in Iran.     Much the same as the world depends on China to reign in North Korea.  I think it’s futile to believe that anyone can reign in Iran at this point or even North Korea.  We know that North Korea is tied tightly with Iran.  It sends a clear message to Iran and Syria that the US is serious and the world say’s enough.

I don’t quite know what to make of  all the talk about Assad this morning.  I truly don’t know.  Assad is not innocent, but neither is the rebels.  Both sides have committed heinous crimes against humanity.

Marco Rubio states that Assad is desperate and that’s why he committed the Chemical attack.  I feel that this hard, cold stance on removing Assad has caused countless death and slaughter.

I think that any position that Trump would take against Russia at this point will be lauded by Democrats and Republicans alike.  Especially McCain, Graham, and Pelosi.  In fact they are delighted and elated.  And coming together for the first time since Trump was elected.  So this alone sends a red flag to me.

I’m watching, praying and waiting for truth, which we may never get. Truth has been buried so deep in Syria, we will never know.  King Abdullah was right, there are so many evil factions waging proxy wars here we will never see the truth.  One truth we do know is that with Iran there, Israel is in danger.  With Saudi Arabia backing Trumps decision, they also may have ulterior motives as Iran and Saudi Arabia are at odds in Islamic belief.  Saudi Arabia and Iran have been embroiled in another proxy war in Yemen.

Again, I caution everyone to pray, and watch.  This is very serious, over 3/4 of a million innocent people have lost their lives in Syria, and millions have been displaced.  Will Russia and Iran respond militarily?  Again, this is not a game as Fox news suggests in it’s headlines.  I was appalled at 2 headlines from them which read: “Game Up For Assad.”  This is not a game.  Innocent children, women and men are being tortured, and slaughtered.  Iran alone poses a severe threat to world stability and peace.  Iran is angry and denounces the attack as does Russia.  Russia calls it an act of aggression to a sovereign state, that goes against International law.   I do agree though that this has passed that statement.  In fact it passed it years ago.  And these recent atrocities with the gas attack, commands world intervention.  I’m not saying that Trump was wrong, I’m saying all that meets the eye is not as it appears.  I trust God, and pray for President Trump to follow God’s word.    Pray for the innocent people of Syria, pray for guidance for Trump and other world leaders.  As  I said, I will be praying and watching.

Commentary by C.Refsland

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5 replies

  1. Thank you ,,,,,Samson7able,, ,,your response was right on the mark,,,,we are living in very dangerous times,,,,May Our Lord Jesus continue to Bless you with His Wisdom!


  2. Assad may not be a righteous man, but neither is he an idiot.

    He would not bomb his own people with sarin gas since this would trigger a response from those who want this democratically-elected president removed, so that they can put in their own puppet … as was done in the Ukraine.

    The US has no business in Syria to begin with.

    The proxy armies that the US has placed there have caused tremendous death and suffering. The oil monsters want Syria. Mr. Assad told them NO for their oil pipeline. Hence, the US involvement in Syria … of course “to support democracy and humanity” as is the usual lie that is told.

    The Regime change “game” has been the normal US procedure for decades now.

    “Do what we say OR ELSE,” is routine. The American people are being fed lie after lie and those in power expect us to swallow them.

    The strike and possible invasion of Syria has been planned for months.

    Tremendous amounts of military equipment has been moved near Syria through Lebanon near the highway that leads to Syria. When I found this out I wondered,
    ” What possible excuse could they come up with to invade Syria?”

    Well, now we know the “Excuse” to invade and strike, RIGHT ON CUE.

    I heard a report from a woman in Syria. She said, “Mr. Assad protects the Christian community in Syria. If I fight against him I fight against the whole Christian community.”

    Perhaps when the US topples Assad, they will put in another “Leader” of their choice that will allow the Christians to be butchered, just like in Iraq, Egypt, Libia, etc. All for freedom and democracy, of course.

    If Russia becomes involved in this we will have some VERY LARGE problems! Russia has already stated that international law has been broken over and over.

    Will they stand by as Mystery Babylon stomps its way across the earth, for “the cause of democracy and humanity?” WE must wait and see. Red flags went up for me also when I saw the well-known war mongers ( McCain and Lindsey Graham ) praising Mr. Trump. Disgusting!

    I can suggest several reports on Israeli News Live – YouTube that have videos showing the immediate aftermath of the “Sarin” (?) gas attack. Much information here from those close to the source.

    Those who are engineering this have been pushing for war with Russia for months now. Let us pray against the lies and deception that is pouring out of the city of ba’al. Millions of lives are at stake if this spreads. May The LORD GOD help us all if this goes global. COME, LORD JESUS.

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    • I can only add Amen. I am in total agreement!


    • I know not the truth of these matters Samson7able. The web is too intricate for me to discern. I do believe the God raised up Trump and made him president for a reason. President Trump brought God into his statement on the attack and I pray that the repeated mention of God will plant a seed or give a little water to those planted. That people will remember God and choose to pray to God, the Almighty Most High God. For we only know in part. God bless you and always be with you.


      • Dear Susan E,
        We must watch and see what happens and look at the fruit. To use the word “GOD” is no justification for sending death on others when there is no proof that the ones targeted did anything. Politicians use the word “GOD” whenever it suits their purpose. There is much evidence that this was planned months ago. It appears that there may be further incursions into Syria, even a ground invasion. This could be of course very bad for the whole world. The disciples of our LORD+ Jesus Christ must be prepared for whatever comes and to stand firm for their LORD+. Let us pray for the Christians in Syria.


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