You Can’t Fight City Hall, Or Can You?

You can’t fight City Hall, or can you? Recently I have decided to join efforts in my community that seeks accountability for actions taken and not taken in a recent disaster. Even reaching out to the Governor. A Governor who on the surface seemed to have the people he serves at heart. I praised a proposal he brought forth on improving communications in rural areas of the state. Urging this to continue as it could have saved lives in a disaster we experienced. And asked what other legislation he would propose. His answer? Thank you for your concern, I have forwarded your request to the State Emergency management team as they are under the military, and can answer these questions.

That translates as, go away your bothering me. When people are hurting and you give that response it’s unconscionable.

What have I learned? You can not rely on those who you think you elected to help, to actually help. The self-servitude attitude in government officials reaches all the way to the bottom, even the local levels.

It shows that a community is only as strong as the people living there. It shows you abide by the laws made, and rely only on the support of family, friends and neighbors. It shows you learn how to care for one another and create networks to help and care for each other in disasters. Share talents, goods and services and prepare as a group to be first responders and sustainable development to live in the aftermath. In other words learn how to survive.

Learn to be survivors, not a victim. While we are at the mercy at times of officials, and laws we can survive. We can band together and embrace each other and sustain and endure. Flowery speeches from officials turn into unkept promises and lackadaisical attitudes. 

This attutude divides a community right down the middle. Which is what we are witnessing nation wide.

So what can we do??

Continue to attempt to elect officials on the local levels and rely on the support groups you form. Ask the tough questions in City and County meetings, and enlist the help of media you can rely on. And lastly rely on strength from God.  But put God first in all things.

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