Genocide Continues 1 Year After A Declaration Of Acknowledgement

It’s been exactly one year since John Kerry announced Genocide of Christians and Yazidis.  One year.  And what has been done?  Absolutely nothing.

Declaring genocide is not enough.  Action is needed, was needed.  Today AINA (Assyrian National News Agency) reports that on March 16th, a coalition of groups met at the Capitol to say that words were not enough.  Where was the media coverage on this??  The coalitions statement in part said this:  “One year later, nearly all of the survivors of this ongoing genocide remain uprooted from their communities, either as refugees or internally displaced persons. Without security, aid, justice, fundamental rights, and economic revitalization, these communities may never be able to return and rebuild.”

So again, where was the media?  Where are the documentaries portraying the plight of Christians and Yazidis?  Remember not long after this was declared Obama proclaimed “it’s shameful to prioritize Christian refugees”.  Even though Genocide was declared he and other leaders turned a blind eye to the plight of these groups.  They portrayed bringing them here was not an option, well that may be true, as so many Christians did not want to leave their homeland.  But what has been done to help them?   The percentage of Christian refugees from any Middle Eastern country persecuting Christians  is shameful.  Christians in the Middle east have a Long rich history there.

Now try to get the stats and you take a wild merry go round ride.  All agree the UN decides who is placed and where they are placed.  With no choice from countries.  They admit few Chtistians register but can’t explain why, they admit more refugees are Sunni Muslims fleeing the bombardment of the Assad coalition.  Does this translate to the rebels backed by obama get priority ?   Sure appears that way.  They say more Christians are fleeing to Lebanon and Jordan.  They say Lebanon doesn’t want the Christian refugees taken from them.  Really? (Could it be because Christians are peaceful, and integrate ?) They say Christians say they feel safer with Assad.  Really?  While Christians lived more comfortable with Assad’s pre-war reign, things have changed.  Iran has been given a spot there and that will soon change if not already.

Nina Shea (The Center for Religious Freedom head) is demanding answers but few solid, straight forward answers are forthcoming. The head of the UNHCR said in response to her questions as to why so few Christians,   It’s more complex in Syria than Iraq and the merry go round picks up speed from there, combined with “white noise” to throw off the true picture.

The UNHCR finds it offensive that they have been accused of discrimination of Christians.  That is laughable.  They have exhibited clear disdain for Christians, giving preference to whole Muslim populations like the sunnis, and the Ahmadis.  And a host of others.  Except the Bahai in Iran who are left to face persecution with Christians and Human rights activists.

It’s been a year, Genocide continues.  Fox News reported in January of this year that the Italian Center For Studies On New Religions said “U.S. policy has not had a strategy for specifically addressing the persecution of Christians,” Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for the Clarion Project, told “For example, very few people are even aware that Iraqi Christians began organizing to defend themselves and needed our help.”

They cite 90,000 Christians were killed in 2016, while again the numbers are most likely much higher.  They say 600 million Christians were prevented from practicing their faith.  Incredible.  They did say what we know that in spite of facing persecution and death Christianity is growing.

The Declaration of Genocide was meant for Syria and Iraq by Daesh, but it overlooked the much larger picture.  I’m not a statictican.  I have found that stats and polls can be manipulated.

Open Doors published a list detailing the countries that persecute and oppress Christians.

Whole countries like Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, China, and Vietnam Nam are persecuting Christians, to the point of torture and death.  Turkey is even rising on that list.

Thailand under the watchful eye of the UNHCR has even taken their place at the table.  Christians fleeing from Pakistan’s Blasphemy laws and persecution to Thailand have come under increasing persecution from the Thai government.  In favor of the Ahmadi Muslim population of refugees.  There is so much corruption there, there is not enough time to go into it.  Pakistani Christians have been hit with a new policy there to be aressted as illegal or be deported back to certain death in Pakistan.  It is also well know in circles there that NGOS claiming to help are powerless as the UNHCR dictates all rules.  

All this while the UN has buried western countries and leaders under mounds of refugees, by the created migrant crises.  This demographic changing by the UN holds serious repercussions.  That no one but a few are willing to speak about.

Egypt is also rising in its persecution of Christians, in my opinion seizing on the clear disregard of Christian persecution by the UN.  Raymond  Ibrahim said this in his recent report: “Yet another murderous wave is taking Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority by storm, leading to another exodus from their homes.” 

But you wouldn’t know that from the propaganda generated media.  They have been effectively silenced.  Silenced in the aftermath of Genocide and rising persecution.

 The above mentioned countries know full well there is no danger from repercussions of their heinous persecution, and oppression of Christians.  As the winds of change has allowed the barbarity of these regimes to explode.  And whole countries in the West are silent.  Thousands protesting in favor of muslims while Christians face genocide and ethnic cleansing.  The Yazidis are attempting to rescue their daughters from sex slavery by ISIS by watching their videos of market selling of these girls.  No help from the UN.  Much like the Chibook girls in Nigeria.

Has it grown better or darker?  Genocide and ethnic cleansing are clearly worse.  Christianity is growing, even in the face of evil the Faith is growing.

Despite the politically correct,multiculturalist, condemnation, blaming Christianity for most wars in the past its still Islam today not a century ago, but today that is crucifying, beheading, torturing, & aressting.  It’s still Islam in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, & Turkey  following a barbaric form of Sharia law, threatening a Holy War.  Killing while shouting honor to their god.  I’m shaking my head.  Our job is not done.

Declaring Genocide is not enough.  Words without action is in itself a crime against humanity.

By C.Refsland

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  1. We that know and see remember and lift up our brothers and sisters up before the Lord; more important the Lord knows and sees.


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