Hearers of The WORD+…..But not Doers of It?

jamesThis the way, walk ye in it.

It is imperative to be DOERS of The Word of GOD and not hearers only.

To not APPLY The Words of our LORD+ and Savior to our lives on a daily basis is a recipe for disaster.

To not DO what CHRIST has commanded opens one up for attacks from the adversary and his minions.

To OBEY The SON of GOD+ lifts up a standard against the unclean dark forces and causes them to BACK OFF.

Every obedience to GOD’S Eternal SON+ brings a FURTHER ANOINTING for a FURTHER OBEDIENCE.

This is felt by the obedient Disciple  and is seen by those that inhabit the unseen realm, both Good and evil.

A Disciple’s obedience to  Messiah’s Word

sends signals into the unseen areas,

seen by both the Holy Warriors

and by the “unclean” ones as well.


The signals we send by our obedience to CHRIST, or on the other hand by our disobedience, play a large role in what happens in our lives and in the spiritual warfare that goes on around us continually.


To OBEY our LORD JESUS is a protection for us as we walk through this life. We are in a WAR.

Remember this:

Every obedience to our LORD JESUS CHRIST brings a further anointing for a further obedience to HIM+.

In this way we are being transformed into HIS+ Image and Likeness as we follow close to HIM+ in an obedient love-faith relationship.

Life in CHRIST begins with Grace and ends with Grace, but in between these two points we yield our new life to HIM+ Who has given it to us, and link up our will with HIS+ will, going against HIM+ in NOTHING.

Remember this also:

Obedience to CHRIST is NOT Legalism. 


JESUS expects us to do what HE+ has commanded. 

Our LORD+ said at one point, “Why do you call ME+ Lord, Lord, and do not do the things that I+ say?”


An Obedient Love-Faith Relationship with The SON+ of GOD will bear fruit unto Eternal Life and an Overcoming Life so that we might be with HIM+ in all Eternity, in Glory that we can barely comprehend.

We are not our own.

We are bought with a price.

The Body and Blood of YE’SHUA ha MASHIACH+, JESUS CHRIST our Lord.

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  1. Thank you so much ,,,,,, when I woke up this morning I needed to hear a word from our Lord Jesus,,,,,and you delivered it,,,,,,May the Lord continue to Bless you with His Wisdom!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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