Remembering The Persecuted In Iran

(Plight of the PersecutedAs you know the Regime in Iran is heating up its,rhetoric against the United States and Israel.  Recently during a speech the Ayatollah encouraged all to fight Israel and free Palestine.  This has been their goal from the beginning, to eradicate Israel. 

They have stepped up Missile launches and a show of what they perceive as military power.  New threats have been made to the US as well.

The human rights abuses in Iran are growing by the minute.  Secret executions of Sunni Muslims are carried out frequently.  Executions for drug related crimes and for minors also.  Political prisoners are tortured, denied medical care and the same is true for Christians held without cause.  The British woman held there on false charges is also denied care, visits with family and proper judicial hearings.  

There are many Christians in prison there, as relations with the West worsen and the Mullahs refuse to change abusive practices we must pray for our brethren and the innocent people of Iran.  I prayed with a sister there, and spirits are good but it’s hard to maintain a normal life for them.  

Remember them in your prayers.  There is a political activist who ended his 72 day hunger strike protesting his wife’s arrest for an unpublished article she wrote about the stoning of women, who is very critical.  His health is deteriorating rapidly, but they deny him care.  They released his wife when he ended his protest but she has been taken back to prison and is refused judicial hearings.  Speak out for him.  His name is Arash Sadeghi.  

Again we have many brothers and sisters in prison there for their Christian faith.  They ask that we pray for them.  Speak out when you can and encourage others to do the same.  If your on twitter, share the hashtag #Free Arash

There is a Facebook page for one of our sisters there, Maryam Naghash Zargaran.  Here is a link if you’d like to encourage her. Click here.

Let them know we care and are praying for them.



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