Idols of The Heart


What Idols are set up in the heart?

What keeps us from doing what JESUS said to do in this short life?

What has kept Holy Fire from being in our lives?

I watched an elderly monk of one of the Eastern Orthodox Churches speaking to an interviewer at his little hermitage. He said that The LORD+ waits for men and women to be with HIM+, to spend time with HIM+, but everyone is too busy for that.


They have other more important things to do. Church on Sunday will be sufficient they say.  Personal idols must be served. The LORD+ waits for close and intimate communion with us, but we are too busy.

Then the Church wonders why there is no Power within their Church or in their lives.  It is the simple law of sowing and reaping. No discipleship, no obedience, equals no Power, no discernment, no sick ones healed, no dead ones raised, no demons cast out.  A sad and sorry situation.

It is TIME to Learn to live in the presence of GOD, to hear HIS+ Voice, to see with the eyes of the MESSIAH+ and to hear with HIS+ ears.  The SON of GOD did not call us to be religious or to be “churchians” but to follow HIM+ in the Straight and Narrow way that leads unto Life.


HE+ spent much time in prayer to HIS+ Eternal FATHER. If HE+ did that, we much more need to do that!

We have shrugged off spending quality time with HIM+ for too long, and it has weakened us immensely and made us vulnerable to satanic attack.

There are many USELESS things in our society that are designed to pull us away from our LORD+. The satan delights when we spend hours on activities and pastimes that WEAKEN us spiritually.

These activities become idols in our hearts that pull us away from being in the presence of our SAVIOR+.


It is time to pull down the idols!


We are living in VERY PERILOUS TIMES. These are the days that The HOLY SPIRIT has warned us about. It is totally necessary to be strong in the Strength of The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT. 

Let us learn a lesson from the hermit monks of the Orthodox Christians and learn to spend hours in The LORD’S+ presence, both speaking to HIM+ and hearing from HIM+. 

In the days ahead we will need to know HIS+ Voice and have HIS+ direction.

It is time to tear down ANY idol that gets in the way of spending holy time with our LORD+ and MASTER+, our Commander and Chief, WHO+ is seated at HIS+ FATHER’S Right Hand, making continual intercession for us. 

To be in HIM+

and HE+ in us

is our ONLY Protection

for the days ahead.

Let us think about this: Which is harder… to tithe our pocketbook … or our TIME ?   As Keith Green used to sing, ” I+ don’t need your money; I+ want your LIFE.”



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  1. Amen! 1 hour a week is not what God intends. As he said incense and sacrifice I don’t desire. He wants us! I have learned and am still learning to stay in a state of prayer even as I go about my day. It’s hard but we have to, Christians must learn to listen to the spirit, we must learn to stay in constant contact. We must learn His voice.


    • Amen. And Shabbat/Sabbath is 24 hours long from sunset Fri evening to sunset Saturday evening. That command is in the Tanakh -1st testament – at least 100 times and is never undone in the newer testament.

      The Bible never calls it the Jewish Sabbath, but always “the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.” Men should be cautious how they stigmatize God’s holy rest day.

      The Catholic Church changed it to SUN (worship) Day….


      • Scott Miller,
        The article was not at all about Shabbat, but about spending time in the presence of The LORD GOD through HIS Beloved SON+ Messiah YESHUA, HIS Eternal WORD made Flesh to Deliver the Adamic race from the grip of the Satan.

        The Roman Catholic Church did NOT in any way change the Sabbath Day to Sunday as you affirmed.

        The Ancient, Pre-Nicene Christians ALWAYS assembled on the First Day of the week, the day of the Resurrection, to worship YHWH through HIS Eternal SON+ YESHUA ha Mashiach and to eat the weekly Passover meal of Messiah’s Body and Blood.

        Many of the Ancient Christians also kept the Shabbat rest day if they chose to do so and were able, but it did not determine their salvation, as some teach. It was an entirely new covenant that MACHIACH+ instituted, not a warmed-over old Covenant, “which Covenant Israel did break”.

        So it is acceptable therefore to keep Shabbat on the Seventh Day, a day of rest, and then to assemble on the First Day of the week to worship YESHUA and to eat the Passover of The LAMB+ of GOD. This came from The Apostles, not the Roman church.

        ALL of the Law of Moses was fulfilled in MESSIAH YESHUA+, Who+ is TORAH INCARNATE. The Eternal Word of YHWH.

        If we DO those things YESHUA+ commands, TORAH is established. If we choose to NOT DO what YESHUA+ commands, then TORAH is NOT established.

        Thank you for your comment.


      • Dear friend Scott Miller,
        I have read your second lengthy comment.

        My point in this is that the Sabbath day and The LORD’S+ Day are two different days.

        It was always this way in the Ancient Christian Ecclesia. The Sabbath was kept by some as a rest day and then all assembled together the First Day of the week to worship MESSIAH YESHUA and to eat the weekly Passover meal of Bread and Wine.

        This is from the Apostles who spent 40 days and nights with YESHUA after HIS+ Resurrection, and who were immersed into The Holy Spirit 10 days after HIS+ Ascension. The Apostles only taught what HE+ had Commanded them, nothing more, nothing less.

        The Ancient Church/Ecclesia never changed the Sabbath Day.

        There was the Sabbath Day and then there was the First Day of the week, Resurrection. Two Different days.

        In the Ancient Church it was acceptable to keep BOTH the Sabbath and also The LORD’S+ Day, the first day of the week. However, keeping of the Sabbath had no bearing on one’s Salvation. Nothing was enjoined upon the Gentile Christians except
        what was written in Acts 21:25.

        “As touching the Gentiles which believe, we have written and concluded that they observe no such thing, save only that they keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from strangled, and from fornication.”

        Colossians 2:16-17 : Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the Sabbath days WHICH ARE A SHADOW of things to come; but the Body is of CHRIST.

        The Sabbath was made FOR MAN … not man for the sabbath, Our LORD said, Mark 2:27.

        There are writings that are available from the Pre-Nicene Christians which describe the difference between the Sabbath and the LORD’S DAY. The Pre-Nicene Christians existed as the one, holy , universal , apostolic church for over 3 centuries before the Roman Catholic organization or Constantine even existed.

        For further information, if you are interested, you may contact Scroll Publishing Company. It has many writings from the Ancient Church as well as CD’s, showing the faith and practices of the Ancient, Pre-Nicene Christians. The author, David Bercot, wrote many of these after much extensive research and study of the Pre-Nicene Christians.

        ( FYI: “Pre-Nicene” indicates “before the Roman Catholic organization”. )

        And just a word about your comment regarding the ordinances which were against us, nailing them to the Cross: GOD FORBID that New Creatures in CHRIST would ever, ever return to their sinful ways !

        We do NOT do “what we want to ” now that we are saved. We obey MESSIAH+ The SON+ of GOD from our hearts, not only with outward appearances . HE+ is the Word of YHWH INCARNATE+ .

        Wishing you the best, Scott Miller, for the BEST is yet to come ! Amen.


      • Dear friend,
        Your comments are off-topic. We are not “Hebrew Roots’. I have given you historical sources if you care to check them. John said, “I was in the Spirit on The LORD’S+ Day….” Rev: 1:10. Go in peace.


      • Dear Friend,

        This website is not the place to debate the validity of the “Hebrew Roots” doctrines.

        I suggest you visit a website that has thoroughly researched those doctrines, such as ARAMAIC NEW COVENANT ISSUES at for an honest and eye-opening account of the Hebrew Roots doctrines and what they are based upon.

        The author writes the posts directly FROM THE ARAMAIC SCRIPTURES … a very good perspective.

        Another good site to open one’s eyes is the account of someone who became entangled in the Hebrew Roots movement and barely escaped with her sanity. It is found at

        I am certain either of those sites would be interested in your comments.

        Now in PEACE, let us pray to The LORD.


      • Thank you for your kind comments. My passion to follow what is written, regardless of what label one put on it, often directs me. It doesn’t make me better but sometimes I do get angry that others don’t see as clearly what I see. Take care brother, we’ll meet on the other side I’m sure and I will give you a hearty hug.


        Sent from my iPhone



      • Dear brother Scott,
        Thank you, too, for your kind comment .
        May The LORD+ Bless you and keep you safe, and guide you.

        In HIM+ Who is our Life both here and beyond the grave.


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