A Letter To The People Of Iran

(VOCIR) ​Here I am attempting to be a voice of reason and truth in an upside down world.  A world filled with deception, chaos, and a level of evil not witnessed since the beginning.

Yesterday the evil Islamic State regime of Iran celebrated the 1979 Revolution that gave power to an evil psyhocoligically deficient mind.
A mind that knows only darkness, death and oppression.  A mind that is twisted beyond repair.  This is evidenced by the way the regime celebrates.  Not with patriotic music, not with fireworks, not with a game like baseball, not with a cookout, they celebrate with threats of death.  They torture their own.  They command loyalty by torture and fear.

One thing Americans should know, this is not the Iranian people.  The Iranian people only want peace and freedom.  Iranians are forced, yes forced to vote or face punishment, not only vote but vote a certain way.  You saw the green movement where hundreds were killed because they wanted a vote for a person that actually represented them.  They are forced to participate in these celebrations of demons.  Thousands have been executed in heinous ways since this regime stole power, simply for wanting freedom.  Yes, there are hard core, evil to the core people in Iran.  Like the Revolutionary gaurd.  Their very name should be a clue for even the most naive American.  ” The guards of the revolution.”

Many Americans are misled about the innocent people of Iran.  This is where the heart wrenching division comes in.

American Iranians are worried about friends and family left in Iran, as they should be.  Iran is entering into a new level of darkness with a perception that  western powers gave them a blank check to commit atrocities.

Americans are worried that the hatred of the regime in Iran will travel to this country through ordinary Iranians.  The regime threatens to send an overwhelming force of the Revolutionary Gaurd and those few radicals that follow and are loyal to them, here to America to kill, steal and ravage.  And indeed they have.  This evidenced by the reports of kidnappings and first account stories of this.  This is evidenced by the threats made to Americans held in prison there, and were  told they would be killed no matter where they fled.  These threats are to be taken serious.  When someone threatens suicide or exhibits suicidal behavior  are we to ignore them until we find a body??

Americans say that we should keep Iranians from entering our Free soil.  Many twitter users expressed that yesterday.  Here is only one:


Thousands of Iranians also took to Twitter to tell Americans they don’t hate us regardless of flag burning.  They sent a message to us at great risk to their life?  How many of us did the same?  I did, but alas I felt isolated like I was the only voice in a sea of millions.

I am learning not by media, but by watching, talking to many from Iran.  Christian and Muslim alike.  I am Christian and not ashamed but I also believe God gave us a free choice.  We follow him or we dont.  If we don’t then our eternity is spent in darkness, in hell.  But God does not command us to kill or torture those who believe different.

President Trump has not spoken directly to the Iranian people, I have asked him to, but he has not.  So I as an American wish to speak to the Iranian people now.

I have heard your cries in the darkness!  We do not hate you, we stand with you.  We want freedom for you.  Our hearts are heavy with the burden of oppression, your burden of oppression forced upon you by tyrannical rule.  There are many like me, but you may not see their faces, you may think we have abandoned you, but we are speaking out and we will continue to speak out for you.  Our new President is trying to make sense out of who wants to harm America, I am trusting God to lead him.  Many prayers are being sent to the Throne of God on your behalf.  Don’t give up.

As to the rest of the world, please let these people know you are not against them.  Share their stories and speak out for them.  Demand accountability, demand the UNHCR act on behalf of the innocent people of Iran.  Demand a Regime change.  Unless we raise our collective voices nothing will change

By C. Refsland

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  1. Interestingly, the true ‘Arab Spring’ began in Iran shortly after BHO took control of the White House. The Iranians held signs written in English but were ignored and ‘hung out to dry’ by Barry and his enablers in favor of an Arab winter. This inexplicable foreign policy led to the spread of fundamentalist islam through throughout the Mideast, causing a genocide of Christians and great suffering throughout the region.


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