It’s Called Bait And Switch!

Just as Christians are now following Satan’s greatest Bait and Switch trick, by switching and diluting the Gospel of Christ with a watered down new version of Jesus from Islam, whole populations are rioting over this same game of deception.

While the liberal, crying members of darkness bring sympathy to wolves in sheep’s clothing crying we are all Muslims now we can’t persecute them, they are devising an evil plan.

You see the game of bait and switch, even a child’s game is in play in a major way.  EVEN DECEIVING THE ELECT OF CHRIST.

I want to say one thing up front, as an advocate/activist against oppression and persecution, if Muslims were to be lined up and executed as the Jews were, I would be the first in line to protect them.  However, now I’ll get political, but not politically correct.  

Don’t think for a minute that these wolves in sheep’s clothing in power in America have any humanity in them.  A LEOPARD CAN NOT CHANGE IT’S spots.  These are the same people who turned away the St. Louis and sent thousands of Jews to their death.  The Democratic state Department sent them a cable telling them they had to wait their turn and sent them to their death.  Where was the outcry then???

Fast forward to today.  Obama signed an order for hundreds even thousands of Syrian refugees safe entry into the US. (But not Christians)  On November 22, 2016.  Earlier John Kerry addressed an end of Ramadan celebration by saying they would indeed meet obamas goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees a free passageway  into the US.  

Now, you see the real reason for the liberal, Democrats whipping the people into riots. The real reason they challenged and delayed Trump’s travel ban.  To finish the entry of rebels.  Obama, Kerry and even John McCain promised the rebels in Syria, backed by them , freebies in the US for their loyalty in a dark proxie war.  Yes they did, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  The same tactic was used in Iraq, & Afghanistan, with the creation of Alqueda, and in Libya.  Why do you think that Obama told the mitary to stand down and not defend our Embassy and Ambassador there?

This delay in Trump’s attempt to stop these terrorists from entering our country will allow these promises of obama to be kept.  It’s not humanitarian.  It’s dark, and with blood already on their hands, more will be added.

The Middle East is quickly destroying itself, and Iran is preparing for war.  It’s time to wake up.

Know which Gospel and which Christ you are following, and more important  recognize which Gospel the world is following, and as God’s word says “Decide this day whom you will serve!”  Wrap yourself up in the Armor Gid, because it’s about to get real.  This spiritual warfare is a real and present danger.

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3 replies

  1. America has lost its collective mind! People are demonstrating and rioting FOR EVIL and and against all Common Sense!

    Judges are standing against the new President and contravening his orders and programs!

    High level men like John McCain and Lindsey Graham among others are openly fighting the new President.

    They seem to be PUSHING for WW3 with Russia, promising the ILLEGAL government of Ukraine that the U.S. will fight with them to attack Russia and bring down Mr. Putin. They say this openly and on their own apart from anything we have heard from the new President! I have heard them say it in video to the Ukraine. ( See Israeli news live youtube channel.)

    It seem that they are pushing the agenda that was originally planned for the criminal candidate that LOST the election. Large scale war is on the criminal agenda of those who are running America, and they do NOT give up their power easily. They will maintain it through ANY MEANS necessary to bring about their desired results, large scale war and the deaths of millions. These men and women are tools of satan.

    America is seriously divided and CLOSE to IMPLOSION. America has chosen satan and evil rather than The LORD GOD of Israel and righteousness, and its END is in sight unless a TRUE and OPEN National Repentance comes SWIFTLY.

    The ONLY help for America at this point would be SUPERNATURAL INTERVENTION!

    May The LORD MESSIAH+ help HIS+ Children, HIS+ “Called-Out Ones”.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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