An Open Letter To The People Of Iran, President Trump & World Leaders

Editors note:  Many know, that I write also for the Voice of Iranian Christians.  I have had many conversations with Iranians, even those who have fled persecution and are in exile.  This is very dear to my heart.  Please, I need you help.


(VOCIR) President Trumps recent travel advisory preventing entry of 7 countries to the U.S. have caused many to wonder what this means. Many critics and liberal media in the U.S. have twisted his intentions, even Human Rights Organizations have contributed to the fear.

This is a well known tactic used by the previous administrations to spread fear and chaos.

I want to say right from the start that American people are not against the people of Iran. President Trump is not against the people of Iran. The current regime in Iran has terrorized the world for too long. They have terrorized their own people. Obama sat back and ignored the pleas for help from the people of iran in 2009. The Green movement that showed the people of Iran coming out against the so called free election that thrust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to office. They demanded that he be removed and their voices in voting be heard. You see, in Iran, if the people go to an election it doesn’t mean they want what was handed them, it means they are forced to vote for what the Mullahs led by Khomeini want. In other words they are forced. You see for example if a student refuses to vote, he is cast from the University, if a worker refuses to vote they lose their job. That is the least that happens, they can face illegal charges and are imprisoned. Families are terrorized and threatened. And look at the mass slaughter that took place in previous years against political activitists calling for change in Iran.

Obama had many chances to address this tyranical rule. The latest of course is the deal made with Iran without even considering or demanding a change in the Regime, or even softening of their human rights abuses. Obama ignored the cries for help of the people of Iran, we all here in America watched the pitiful display of the Regime attacking, abductions and even killing those who dared to speak out. The people of Iran thought the world would help and the world failed them miserably.

“The Green Movement protests were a major event in Iran’s modern political history and observers claimed that protests were the largest since the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79.”
The demonstrations grew bigger and more heated than the 1999 student protests. Protests at Iranian Embassies across the world began in Turkey, Dubai, Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Sydney Vienna and the Hague. The regime pitted tens of thousands of citizens against each other while they began to kill those brave enough to speak out. Exact numbers of those killed may never be known, some reports say 38 with hundreds treated at hospitals for bullet wounds. In 2011, protests again broke out over the government’s MP’s calling for the death of the opposition leaders Mir Hussein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi. A few months later the Regime orchestrated a series of raids across Tehran, and arrested over 170 people. The total number of arrests across Iran was reported at 500.
It was described by Human rights groups as a major purge of reform-oriented individuals. And their lives were in danger. They faced execution under Islamic law followed by the Regime.

During all of this tyranical crackdown designed to silence the voice of the Iranian people the world leaders remained silent. Obama closed his eyes, and provided the Regime with a pat on the back and the means to increase it’s terroristic control over the people of Iran and even on a world stage. As evidenced in Yemen, and Syria. Obama set his top people, two of which had ties to the regime in Iran, Valerie Jarret and John Kerry to institute and convince world leaders this was the only way to peace. They totally ignored the plight of the people in Iran, and emboldened the Regime to carry on the torturous rule. Iran continues to this day to arrest those Rights activists speaking out within Iran and foreigners also.

Human rights groups reported in 2015 that almost 700 were executed in the first six months. The abuses in particular of women increased during the deal making orchestrated by Obama. Iran has long been on the radar of not only Human Rights groups but the UNHCR as one of the top abusers of Human Rights, joined by China, North Korea, Cuba. Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Yet Iran’s record goes un-noticed or bleached by this deal made by world leaders.

Fast forward to today.  Iran’s Houti backed rebels have attacked an Egyptian ship, they continue to terrorize U.S. military in the gulf, have test fired missiles with chants of death to Israel and the US.   President Trump recognized the 7 worst countries for abuses and producers of terrorism. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. It’s not hard to see why he chose these countries if you are watching. Obama’s failed foreign policy and his thrust of Iran into a position of terrorizing proves Iran’s fingerprints in all of these countries in way or another. By using groups from Hezbollah to the Houti’s, it’s very clear that these countries are unstable.

President Trump is not banning the Iranian people he has been very clear in this statement. He has said that refugee’s from these countries fleeing from persecution will be granted waivers.
Even Islamic countries have voiced support and understanding for this no entry order signed by Trump, like the UAE, an official there said this: ” The United States has taken a decision that is within the American sovereign decision, there are attempts to give the impression that this decision is directed against a particular religion, but what proves this talk to be incorrect first is what the US administration itself says that this is not directed at a certain religion.” Yet the fake media wishes to spread rumors and lies and distort the truth.

I’m well aware as are many here in this country the danger this poses to citizens in Iran. I am speaking out for Trump to address this, I am speaking out for our lawmakers to finally fight for the freedoms of the Iranian people. We stand with you. Trump will stand with you. Please don’t give into fear mongering by the liberal media here and in the West. Great strides have been met with lawmakers in the US and the UK addressing these abuses and tyrannical rule of the regime in Iran. But our work is only beginning. I am asking all here in America to write your representatives and demand they address the dangers imposed by the current Regime in Iran. The oppressive rule, the torture and arrests of political and rights activists & religious minorities. I call on every American to stand behind Trump and demand a change in Iran, one that brings Freedom to the people. Not forced allegiance to an evil regime. We need your help. I call on President Trump to speak directly to the Iran People and let them know that America is not against them, America will recognize their cries from darkness.

I call on everyone starting in the West, to pray for God’s hand over the land of Iran and set this people free. Iran’s rich heritage and contributions in society have been held hostage long enough. Won’t you join us in speaking out? Write and call lawmakers, share these stories about the oppression of the Iranian people.

Israel has addressed the Iranian people, Prime Minister Netanyahu has said he stands with you, we in America stand with you.  Again, I call on Trump and all Western Leaders to produce similar video’s and speak directly to the people of Iran.

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