Things About Hitler You Should Know, Before Comparing Anyone To Him: Ignorance Is Not An Excuse

My how quickly we forget.  How quickly we forget the horrors of the Holocaust.  How quickly history has been turned and changed.  How quickly those on the left have buried the facts.  

They don’t deny that Jews were killed, but the facts are so diluded and twisted so as to say Oh by the way, Hitler killed some Jews.  Hitler tried to control them and he killed a few.  Or Trump is Hitler.

That’s the exact way they are using this and diminishing the horrors of what happened.  By comparing Trumps executive order to the Holocaust even Jews, are diminishing and forgetting the horrors of this dark time in History.

There is no way to cover each atrocity in one post.  I want to talk about the actual beliefs of the man who attempted extinction, hatred and torture of the Jewish people.  And there is no way to cover up the blindness of the world during this period.

The Jewish people were not a group of fanatics who were ravaging Germany or any other country killing non-Jewish people.  They were peace loving, productive members of society.  Yet they were labeled as dirty, parasites unwilling to work.  In his speech  on August 25, 1920 “Why we are antisemites”, Hitler actually mocked the Bible.  He mocked the fall of Man through Adam.  He said this was not true because it portrayed God’s punishment of how you will toil with your hands (Genesis 3:17)  as proof they were lazy and viewed work as punishment.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Hence the saying posted over the death camp: “Work will set you free.”   This alone should be enough to convince even a skeptic what spirit possessed Hitler.  The Spirit who orchestrated the fall of man.  One more thing Hitler said during this speech that should curl your hair.  The mocking of our Heritage rings reminiscent of recent mocks of  God’s word.  The Palestinians today take up where Hitler left off.  Hitler said some very nasty things about Abraham, saying he pimped his wife to a Pharoah. ( This is his satanic twist on Genesis 12)

He said wherever Jews lived plagues fell on the land, referencing the 10 plagues on Egypt.  Except he forgot to mention that the plagues were punishments from God for refusing to let God’s people leave Egypt. He said that the first work they ever did was being forced to build the pyramids, and said after they left Egypt they quickly wanted to return.

He said they never built anything not even their Temple, he said the Assyrians and the Romans built their Temples.  He said they  are money grabbers and lovers of money and this is how they imposed their belief and power on un-suspecting people.  He even  said they were in-bred.  And even blamed them for the demise of the Weimar republic.

He said they were run out of Israel because it was Holy ground.  Almost word for word what the Palestinians say today.  Hitler even lamented on why did the religion of Germany have to be a weak Christian religion, he said “the Mohamadian” religion would be better.  

He said Jewish blood was tainted.  And they must preserve the giant race of the Aryans, as they were the only pure blood.  His reference to giants came from his account of the ice age where the weak and sickly died and a race of giants emerged.  But I find this fascinating given the fact that he wanted only the strong , blue eyed blonde haired Aryan race to rule the world.  He said this race was mixed with Indian blood and a black race.  The fact that he referenced giants should rise the hackles on every Christian who knows God’s words.  Remember God saw the Angels mixing with the daughters of men.  And scholars say this is the reason God destroyed the earth with water, saving only Noah.  

Back to Hitler.  Everyone has seen the heinous slaughter and the huge ovens used to gas and burn the Jews and even Christians who aided them. We have seen the mass Graves of naked bodies, the skeleton looking men who were starved to death.  Everyone knows the story of Corrie Tenbooms family.  So I have one thing to say, how dare you compare this evil, satanic man and ideology to President Trump’s new orders.  How dare you diminish the sufferring of God’s people in this manner.  

I stand with Israel and I will not remain silent when ignorance rules.  

Ephesians 4:18

They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.

Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.
Credit to Wikipedia “Things Hitler said.”

Photo of Adolphus Hitler public domain

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  1. Over 6 million Jews slaughtered like lambs. Some shot. Others gassed. Some starved.

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  2. We also stand with Israel, and we stand against the “Satanic criminals” that are threatening to destroy Israel and to kill all Jews and Christians. Both the secular criminals and the “religious” criminals.

    We stand against those who follow demon-possessed false prophets and demand the death of all of those who disagree with them and satanic lies.

    We stand against those who are plotting to murder the Adamic race and bring the earth under their domination, and who agree with accursed Hitler and his ilk.

    May the LORD GOD, YHWH ELOHIM strike them down. May those who are digging the pit fall down into it themselves.

    Large amounts of money are changing hands. It takes lots of money to overthrow nations. As it was in Ukraine and other places, so now here in America. Will it be successful?

    The LORD+ says, “Little Children, seek MY+ Face. Draw near to ME+. I+ AM your refuge”.

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