A Word And A Warning From God

I felt the confusion, and felt that God’s word couldn’t reach me.  It was like being in a blinding snow storm.

I have prayed, read all news sources and prayed some more.  Last night I spent my restful hours in deep prayer asking God for answers.  I have had discussions with many of my persecuted friends and have read many of their concerns.  I have watched many videos from those on the front lines also.  I have watched the fear mongering from liberal news media and conservative media, and from those who are supposed watchdogs of human rights.  I have searched for the truth.
Here is what God gave me.  Enough of the fear mongering.  The left wishes to not only whip the left into a frenzy of protests with the help of watchdogs it’s attempting to whip conservative Christians into this diluded frenzy as well.

By reporting that since 911 our country is in danger and this is why the ban.  911 was a wake up call for America,  and it brought a plethora of fear and grief.  And confusion.  This fear brought wars and instability to the Middle east.  It aided the rise of a beast.  A demonic beast, that destroyed everything in its path including innocent people.  This is where it turned,  obama and the left began their campaign to glamorise a demonic ideology and played on our fear and compassion.  Our last President said he made the world a safer place blaming us for the rise of isis, and this demon.

In reality since the Iraqi war we have seen total collapse of order in Africa and the Middle east.  We have seen slaughter, torture and ethnic cleansing like we have never seen.  To quote a Syrian refugee who fled early in the war, the snake of Islam creeps across the globe while the West is asleep.  Now, again today we see fear whipping people into a frenzy.  But things have changed!

This is not about 911 or even about America refusing refugees.  It’s about stopping those tentacles of the beast from reaching our shores .  I’ve heard all the stories from those who fear they will be locked from American shores.  It’s unfounded.

Iran has indeed threatened us and Israel, they are militarily threatening with their navy and test firing missiles.  They have instilled fear into their people by telling them they can control them and exact revenge no matter where they are in the world.  This is the reason Iran is on this list.  And Saudi Arabia is not.

Iran’s threats are backed by clandestine activities of the Revolutionary Gaurd abroad.  The West allows them to terrorize anyone who speaks out against the evil oppressive regime.
IT’S NOT ABOUT 911.  It’s about identifying the enemy.  Like it or not this is a jihad of epic proportion.  Even deceiving God’s elect.  Call it what it is.  Tell the truth!

God gave me this and this warning :  Fear God and nothing else.  These things must happen.  Jesus told us that.  When you see these things happen, see that you are not afraid….

God gave me a personal warning that I will share, he said that if this confused me I needed to tighten up my armor and get into scripture because it’s only going to get worse.

Last but not least there is a prophet who also told of these days and we would do well to heed his words.  Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by. (Isaiah 26:20)

Jesus actually told us to do this also by telling us to go inside our prayer closet when He taught us to pray.  These link together, this demon raging can only be cast out with prayer!

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.(Mathew 6:6)

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  1. The Traveller…….. I hear you! So much evil surrounds the body of Christ,but praise God we are dead and our life is hid and found in Him! He is our only Hope,Peace,and strength to get through this life! The passage from Psalm 23 has come into my mind alot as well “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:thou anointest my head with oil;my cup runneth over” as you said you are always in the word,we find through it our Lord truly is the bread of life that sustains us!You are always in my prayers Dear Brother and you are never alone in Him as your brethren are in the battle as well with you.God Bless and keep you safe always.(John 14:27).

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  2. Greetings my blessed sisters

    It is a blessing to see these thoughts in words as I been in this place for sometime. Along to pathway I have shifted 4 time sin a matter of months. In the place I am in at the moment, which is a boarding house there is a lot of under current but in the Lord’s eyes it is such a mission field to be walking in.

    But back to the point, confusion has been around me for sometime, however in all this I have the Lord peace which one cannot explain to someone outside the Lord Jesus’ Church. Been challenged in the physical through situations in this place which creates frustration and confusion and at one point I even reacted in the flesh.

    Also I recognize the spiritual battle raging around me and in all situations I have been running to the Lord. Being what this place is, one can lock oneself away in ones room and speak quietly with the Lord. Always he talks to me via his words, just recently Psalm 23, and in all circumstances my peacefulness when confronted by someone who has the father of all lies as his lord, intentionally or unintentionally the dear Lord Jesus speak really quietly through me, it confounds the one in my face.

    Daily now and more and more I feel the battle raging for my mind and the fallen one trying to create confusion, but my rock is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord and He has won the battle already. Going to him and eating his word enable to walk beside those still waters.

    Hold fast my sisters for surely He is coming and let him MAKE you to walk beside the still waters no matter what is happening around you or in this world.

    Some info for your sake: President Trumps actions are having an huge impact here in New Zealand. Lots dislike him immensely beside of the media bashing that has occurred worldwide and is still going on. I am very quiet when these people speak for I know that satan has blinded them.

    It is amazing spectacle to watch what is happening around the world and many times it is though I am walking through the story line of a book. In reality I am – the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD, the BIBLE.


    • Thank you brother. I am keeping you close in prayer. Thank you for sharing your journey also. It’s very disheartening as we too have felt more and more like we’re watching a movie play out. The media here for the most part has turned into something very sinister and darkness is everywhere. We truly must look up for our home is not in the world. I see this more everyday. We will stand together in our Lord. May God richly Bless and protect you.


  3. This writing clearly shows that even if we seem uncertain about our surroundings that by the spirit of God all is put into perspective as we take shelter in the Lord! The nations press on in groups of chaos not realizing their only answer and peace come from God!(Psalm 118:8).Has anyone even NOTICED President Trump is not banning religion from our borders,but drug lords,and terrorists.All we ever hear from these protesters is about their religion and completely MISSING the Presidents Mission for our safety!Its getting easier to see the people of the world and the true soldiers of Christ…..they speak of the world and THE WORLD hears them.The Lord gets His point across through His spirit as you so beautifully wrote here CJ ,our Lord would not be in the streets,but would be showing His truth as you have done in this article.God Bless You as you carry His message to the nations through His spirit!

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    • Amen and thank you. Yes we are commanded to withdraw from the world and draw to God through the Spirit. This is a clear spiritual attack and again we see conformation. May God draw us closer and give us strength.


  4. YES, YES.

    Both comments and your post, C.J., were BASED SQUARELY upon the REAL SPIRITUAL battle we are privileged to witness, to be a part of during these last days.

    The battle for the take-over of America ( or France or England or Europe, etc.) is ONLY A DISTRACTION to keep Christians away from and off the REAL battlefront: the movement of the 10 Kings to take over the world for the satan.

    The satan LOVES to draw Christians OUT OF THE PRAYER CLOSET, focusing on the terrible things happening and how many of our “rights” are being diminished.

    INSTEAD, our focus needs to be on fasting and praying, on yielding to the Will of The LORD in the secret places of our lives, to STOP OUR SELF-INDULGENCE … from food to entertainment to riches and wealth.

    We need to lose NO OPPORTUNITY to humble ourselves and bring ourselves into LINE with The Word, with the HOLY SPIRIT’S conviction, to divest ourselves of the temporal trappings that distract us and befuddle the “spiritual atmosphere” we inhabit.

    Then … then …. then HE+ will hear us when we cry out to HIM+ to block, scramble, inhibit the devilish plans of the 10 Kings to destroy the human race.

    A Christian distracted with the things , goals, and values of THIS world will not be in the flow of the HOLY SPIRIT, no matter how many Sundays he attends church and participates in spiritual meetings.

    YES. We must DIVEST ourselves of the many encumbering “cares of THIS life” in order to be effectual on the spiritual battlefront… for IT IS HERE. NOW.

    BLESS GOD! Not by power nor by might BUT BY MY+ SPIRIT, saith The LORD!

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  5. Amen. It must needs be that offenses come, but woe unto that man by whom the offense comes. ( Mt. 18:7)

    Mr. obama was a very well paid puppet, a front man, to do just what he did, to weaken the nation and to make it vulnerable, and to place enemies inside its borders and give them license. The man exalted evil and mocked the good and made sure to mock and blaspheme the SON of GOD and HIS+ Servants. He was placed in office, not by the people but by a powerful group of individuals who are making war with The LAMB+. He was told to defend and protect and promote the entity of islam because those in power know full well that a chief tenant of islam is to kill Christians and Jews. The whole house of Israel is the target of these high level satanists.

    This plan has been in effect for a long time, first to vilify the ideology of islam and then to protect it and make it respectable. Other presidents have been involved in this massive and deadly lie. The well planned and implemented 911 event and Pentagon event were just two pieces of the puzzle. The unnecessary Iraq war was another piece. The PLAN is moving forward at a rapid pace. Total chaos is taking over.

    As you have stated, the ONLY recourse for the follower of MESSIAH YESHUA+ is a deeper commitment to HIM+ and a deeper yielding to HIS+ will and to deep prayer and fasting. The SHEKINAH FIRE must come down upon HIS+ Children that they might stand in the evil day which is upon us. Our LORD+ warned us that these
    days would come.

    May The LORD our GOD help us to overcome in HIS+

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    • Amen! As I read your comment I felt the Holy Spirits presence! We won’t survive what’s happening without a stronger and I mean stronger faith in our Lord! The blasphemy of Christ was the begginning, the true followers know this, only now do I understand this. And I also know now, what our Lord meant when He said Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this life or the hereafter, for continuing to deny that Christ is the Messiah, the pre-cursor of the Holy Spirit, the mediator which sends the Spirit to draw us closer to God, is unforgivable to the Father. And yet God’s people continue to follow the blasphemy set in motion by Satan. May God have Mercy on His people and give us courage and strength to carry on.

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