Is Building A Wall In The Bible?

Jaffa Gate Early 1900 (wiki)

I am torn in a hot button issue. I have heard all the fearmongering and even true concern,  and I have questions.    As I travel through history, news and Biblical Truth, go with me.

I have watched a deadly beast reach and travel fast across the land.  As Daniel did, in Daniel chapter 8.  This chapter has held so many captive attempting to understand.  Historians have labeled it as Alexander the Greats campaign, and while this holds true as events unfold today, it becomes clear that this is playing out in living color before our eyes.

Why go through History and prophecy to determine whether prophecy and Biblical principles applies to today?  Especially with many in the world in fearful, angry  uproar and many happy with America’s new stance on imigration and wall building?  As Julia’s new book points out “Scripture Gives answers”.  It has always been our purpose here to search God’s word for answers.  That said let’s continue.

Isaiah tells us in chapter 62 that God Himself set watchmen upon Israel’s walls.  And Nehamiah 3 tells us details about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.  Chapter 2 tells us of Nehemiah’s quest from God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem so that they would no longer be a reproach (disappointment) after Babylon destroyed it.  They made fun of him for his vision.  Saying he would go against the King of Persia.  But Nehemiah told them His God would prosper them.

1 Kings 9 tells of Solomon and how and why he built the first wall around the first Temple built by Solomon.  But God also warned Solomon that if he or the people turned against God and worshipped other gods He would destroy it.  This is why God destroyed the first Temple and wall, as Solomon allowed idols to other Gods in God’s land.

Then when Jesus warned Jerusalem that every stone would be destroyed because of their blindness and turning away, we see Rome destroy it for the last time.? 
The ottoman empire finally entered and  built a wall around jerusalem in the 1500s.  Which I believe was the beginning of Daniels vision forming, I think we can all agree this turned out to be an abomination causing desolation to God’s land.  An abomination that placed itself above God and declared themselves to be the only God.

Ok that’s the back and forth history of the Bible.  The wall of Jerusalem, not only meant safety for Israel, but also was a sign of power and Glory from God when He put His name and Blessings on Israel.  But when His people disobeyed His commands He reduced their Glory to rubble.  And then allowed a prophecy to begin to culminate in a wicked beast or abomination built it’s Temple in Jerusalem on God’s Holy Mountain putting an end to sacrifice and prayer there.  We as Christians recognize this.  But we also recognize that Jesus taught us we do not need the Temple to worship God as His life, death and resurrection gave Him the job of High Priest and through His guide the Holy Spirit He mediates for us, and through His Spirit He has built His Temple in us. (1 Peter 2-10)

Now to today.  This beast has flew across the land even invading the West, so why shouldn’t we build protection for America?  Obama only wanted Muslim imigrants.  Hispanic imigrants have always been and always will be.  Our President now only wants to stop the flow of drug cartels and Muslims from the Southern porous border, not those seeking a dream.  Obama refused Christian refuggees, of all the Muslim refugees he allowed in, only .o5 % were Christian.  He aided a prophecy to fulfil from Daniel.  

I could go on, but I want to say to our brethren who are refugees don’t panic, we don’t want to keep imigrants from all Muslim nations out, but I think we do need to scrutinize why Muslims from countries abusing human rights are coming here.  And if Muslims are persecuted by their home countries than its time to force the UN and world leaders to sanction, punish them and force them to join the world against the abuses witnessed at the hands of governments like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.  Iran does persecute muslims, the Bahai Muslims are persecuted along with Christians in Iran.  It’s time to take a step back, secure our borders and return to a power that brings hope, not blindness and darkness.  So please I will be watching along with all watchmen, don’t give in to the mass hysteria created by the left!  We are not making a list of muslims like Hitler did, we are attempting to vet an enemy like none other, we can’t see them as in other wars when countries fought.  There were uniforms, etc.  This beast has no country, no laws except barbaric Sharia, it has no respect for any life even their own, committing crimes not ever witnessed before.  So don’t let the fearmongering control you.  

We are seeking God’s guidance even forgiveness and healing for turning blind eyes to the suffering of minorities in Africa and the Middle East.    I hope you found some answers, I did.  I trust God and His judgements.  So remember we are in the last days spoken of by Daniel, seek God’s word first not the world all answers are in the Bible!  And yes we are to care for the needy, the downtrodden, the widows, the fatherless,  and that’s what we are trying to restore.  We are praying for America’s light to be lit again.  Do we just redraw borders and  let all in? While that might be good it does nothing to address the evil beast they fled from or  help those left behind.  Pray with me for God to guide our President.

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2 replies

  1. The wall seems to be a good idea, an acceptable statement against the insane and criminal polices of the former criminal administration.

    I have noticed that many high political figures are attacking the new president.

    The former president broke many laws and opened the nation up to those who have sworn to obey mohammad and kill all who speak truth against him. Why is this man, the new president, being attacked and the former criminal president is walking-free? Why I wonder?

    Insane people are demonstrating and rioting in the streets against this man who is trying to help and right some of the wrongs of the former “regime”. They are angry because a woman who is a known murderer and criminal, and perverted individual did not win the election, so they are savaging the man who did win and is trying to clean up the mess!

    TRUTH is Fallen in the streets! GOD help HIS+ Children, HIS+ Little ones.

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