Holocaust Remembrance Day #NeverAgain


Today is International Holocaust remembrance day. During WWll millions of Jews were slaughtered. Let’s Never forget, and say Never Again! We stand with Israel! Pray for peace!  We can not remain Silent!

#WeStandWithIsrael  #NeverAgain #StopIransHumanRightsAbuses  #NoToRouhani

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  1. YES! AMEN! We also say, “NEVER AGAIN”! We say NO to the nations that would force Israel into a small corner of their own land, and then turn their backs on them! WE say NO to Judas religious leaders that support Israel’s enemies who have sworn to destroy them! We say NO to the islamic regimes who, following the orders of their False Prophet, have sworn to destroy the nation of Israel and to kill every Jew and every Christian, the “Grafted in” Israelites.

    NEVER AGAIN! The issue will be decided and Ended Forever when the Satanic Entity that seeks to destroy the Whole House of Israel is obliterated forever on the hills and valleys of the Land of Israel that is Protected by YHWH ELOHIM of Heavenly Armies.

    Pray for the Peace+ of Jerusalem! The Peace+ of Jerusalem is seated at the Right Hand of YHWH. HE+ is the Peace of Jerusalem! GLORY BE TO THE ETERNAL GOD AND FATHER OF MESSIAH YESHUA + the coming King Who shall Reign from Jerusalem over the Whole Earth, and HIS+ Holy Ones with HIM+. Amen!

    To the servants of Satan we say “NEVER AGAIN”.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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