God’s Blessing And Satan’s Curse Clash In Our Capitol 

This last week, as America instilled a new leader, one thing happened.  The name of Jesus and God was proclaimed in our Nation’s Capitol AGAIN.  Franklin Graham giving the benediction made History by pronouncing to the world that Christ and Christ alone was our mediator and the way to God.  He also pointed out that in the Bible rain was God’s Blessing on a land.  And the minute President Trump stepped to the podium it started to rain.  Is God’s Blessings returning to America?

A Rabbi gave a beautiful prayer from King Solomon and also read from the Jews exile as they sat in Babylon proclaiming if we forget Jerusalem, let our hand lose its skill.  We are at a crossroads here, we can turn fully to God or face His judgement.

God’s proclamation from our Capitol came as we desperately need it.  Satan is not happy. How do I know this?  The vile dispicable display made as Satan called out his brightest and best demons with the Spirit of Jezebel spread from our Capitol across the world.  Let me remind you that this demon requires much prayer to cast out.  Our job is only begginning.  

The vile, atrocious, and obnoxious scenes we witnessed by the wickedness of this spirit, brings our hearts to cry out to God.  It shows how deeply these roots of evil have grown.  

These unbiblical satanic protests were not about rights.  It was about sacrificing God’s gift to woman in giving birth.  These women declared sovereignty over God decrying they and they alone have the right to deny or give life.  One celebrity even threatening to “blow up the peoples house.”  Now think about that for a minute.  God and His Son’s name was proclaimed from our House, God’s Blessings were asked for this.  And the very next day Satan speaks through his spirit of Jezebel and threatens to destroy this very House.  Are you starting to see the magnitude of this evil??

What was so shocking is that an organization claiming to fight for the rights of ALL  helped to organize this.  

Did you get this?? It was one of many sent on twitter for the march.  Resistance is a human right??  This is the message not of a light but of darkness.  

Again, if these riots and protests were about all rights why were pro-life women spat on and blocked from excercising their rights?? 

Does protesting and riot’s really make a change for the good!  The world today is a far cry from what it was like years ago when articles,movies,and just talking with others still brought the name of God upon our lips WITHOUT RESERVATION!  Families still prayed together and prayer was still in our school’s along with president’s who knew the importance of having God in our thought’s as a national day of prayer was set to be followed.


Violence and rebellion did not change matters generations ago,and unless mens hearts change things will remain the same.


What about riot’s?  Is there anywhere in scripture that shows protesting was done with a good result?In the book of Jeremiah it was God Himself who protested unto the father’s in the day when He brought the people out of the bondage of egypt! He rose early protesting for them to obey His voice,but to no avail. 

The way we go about to get a point across may be heard loudly in a crowd of protestors as we see across america today BUT if God couldn’t get His way do you really think it will change in our day and age?

By CJ and Julia

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  1. This is what happens when all standards of right or wrong have been taken away. Everything becomes “relative”.

    People, both women and men marching and screaming in the streets, making complete fools of themselves, is the result of no moral standards.

    Demonstrating for more unimpeded murder of babies, more selling of their body parts to godless institutions, all the while degrading their own gender and the purposes for which they were created, is the “dis-order” of the day.

    Human beings can only be what they were created to be. When they fight against that, they only become more empty and unhappy and end up destroying themselves.

    In the beginning, human beings were created to be Friends of GOD.
    It is now taught in all institutions of higher learning that the human race is a cosmic accident, a race of “apes”. This only serves to further the DEGRADATION of the human race, both men and women, and ends up in foolish and destructive things like the useless marches for more sin and murder.

    Good is called evil and evil is called good.

    I was shocked to see that Amnesty International was an organizer and sponsor of these ridiculous marches! I had thought in the past that it was considered a Christian organization.

    I was gravely disappointed in Amnesty International. In the past, they have defended Christians in Pakistan and Egypt ( Copts) .

    Now we are finding out that Amnesty International is merely HUMANIST; it forsakes all standards of righteousness in its goal to remove shackles from the human race. So, it will defend the freedom, the rights, of demonized human beings to do as they wish… as well as defending persecuted Christians .

    We see that Amnesty International has no standard of right and wrong either … beyond HUMANISM. It is NOT a PARTNER with CHRIST JESUS… the ONE+ Who+ died for all of humanity so that man can live FREE of sin.

    In the day in which we live, we can see that Christian standards of holiness are made “relative” as Christian denominations fall away right and left. When any group rejects The Standard of Right and Wrong and begins to rationalize, it becomes blind and begins to stumble in the darkness while screaming about being in the light.

    Pitiful race, blinded by satan, both women and men also, making total fools of themselves in front of the whole world.

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