Recognizing The Heroes Of Tehran’s Plasco Building Disaster

This is an image from the Tasnim News Agency website (Wikimedia commons)

This is an image from the Tasnim News Agency website (Wikimedia commons)

(VOCIR) Tragedy struck in Tehran, Iran yesterday.  It was described as a scene from a horror movie by News Media in the U.S.  It was called an iconic building known as the Plasco building.  It was a 17 story high rise, often referred to as the Empire State Building of Iran.  It was reported that there were 590 stores and warehouses in this building.

The building was built by Habib Elghanian, during the growth period of Iran.  He was a prominent Iranian Jewish businessman and philanthropist, a leader in the Tehran Jewish Society in the 1970’s.  He was arrested and sentenced to death by an Islamic revolutionary tribunal for charges including corruption, contacts with Israel and Zionism and friendship with the enemies of God, and was executed, the first Jew and businessman to be executed by the Islamic government.  (Wiki)

A fire started and soon turned into an inferno.  As brave firefighters put their lives at risk running into the burning building, knowing they didn’t have the luxury of equipment to fight this hellfire, they ran into danger to save lives.

They say over 30 firefighters lost their lives when the building suddenly collapsed around them, leaving dazed, grief stricken Iranians looking on.    The grief can not be described.  One report quoted a man chastising security forces for arriving too late saying, “My friend is calling me from under the rubble.”  How horrifying.

No cause has been announced, only shock and grief.  These brave men deserve so much more.  Not only recognition, but support, these are the people of Iran, showing their love for their neighbors and humanity they gave their lives to show their love.

These are heroes.  Nothing short of heroic behavior displayed by them.  This is where the people of Iran are, in the hearts of these brave men.  This is the heart of the people of Iran, not the regime.  My heart and prayers are with these men, and the people of Iran as they grieve for their loved ones and fellow Iranians.


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