One Man’s Journey Answering God’s Call

​Here is a story that you will praise God for.  One man’s journey and how God guided him.  He lives and does God’s service in Kampala Uganda.

My   Names are Bukenya  Amos  the founder  of (C.A.C.F) Canaan Africa children Foundation, I was  born  in poor  family  which was addicted  with  alcohol,  in The village  called  kanon ,  I loved and still love  my  parents  for putting  me on earth.

My  education  was not so Good, i managed to reach the kindergarten Level, since  that I was born  in a poor  family  at  age of 8 yeas  my  parents   forced  me  to  go and  work  in  a  rich  family, I used   to look after  livestock and other  homework, I could  do  all  this by myself and after that  i had to go do my  homework,  but un fortunately   there  was  no salary, they  could  keep promising   me  since I was young  in age , i could claim what was mine.

When i was still living with the rich family where my parents sent me, I can’t forget  this family  that  mistreated  and tortured me physically   and mentally  , I was uncomfortable  so  I  decided  to  run to the   street  so I can get better  life , but to tell the truth   that was beginning   of  suffering  however  much  this family  mistreated  me, but they could offer me  shelter, 5 years  on streets  with nothing but tears from my eyes.

When i was still  on streets, I was blessed to be  friendly  with people around me ,I can’t forget  to thank  a gentleman called Mr. Jingo   who was my friend and like  brother to me. I was Employed by Mr. Jingo  in his washing  bay  to wash people’s  cars,  life was so hard at me at that moment and i kept on dreaming and trusting God that May be someday God will bring someone in my life who will me a parent.

I used to see rich  children  going  to school and in the inside of me, i always asked God if i could get an opportunity in life just like them,  I admired them, since  I was working  in  washing bay  and the little  used to  get  as my  salary I decided  to go  back to school . 

I could work Day and Night in a washing bay in order to save and survive, i wanted maybe i   could  go  to school someday, but that  didn’t   not  go as planned, but  with education since  there  was no support  and age was catching up with me, But i had this hunger to learn how to read and write   and i thank The Lord for His Grace and  today as a an upcoming Gospel musician, i have learnt to write and compose my own music but it’s been a long Journey and Still i have a Long road to go. 

One day as i was at the  washing bay, I found  man  of GOD preaching  the word of GOD  I  paid  attention  to what he was saying , but I did   not take it as seriously and understand what he was talking about .What i didn’t know is that God had started working on the inside of me, i started feeling the conviction of the word of God after 1 year  Decided go to  church, preacher  was preaching   in the book  of Genesis 37:1-44:9 on  story  of Joseph and it  really  touched  my heart, changed  my  thinking  and this word gave me New hope  that There is still hope,  I said to myself that if there someone giving me this new hope then i had  to accept Jesus   as my Lord and  savior.  

Before  I was  where i am today, i worked in so many places  like being milkman, waitress hawker  with aim  of rescue  of my  brothers  and sisters  who are went through  hardship life like I was! I thank lord  through  my  work   of selling second  hand shoe  door to door  , I managed  to  save money  to rent 2 rooms  and now I live  in house  after  10 years  on  street , praise  and honor to lord. After all  I realize  that  it was  my  own  to live  but of  his grace .from my history or testimony ,I started to rescue  kids on street  as I  can  to  my home  and this was successful, as GOD open my  door  as go to rescue more kids …..there was much   blessing  upon  me  to bless  some family  that by HIV AIDS. My  life  is a testimony.

I have been following this courageous man’s story on facebook.  God has directed me to not only pay attention but to tell his story.  We are commanded to care for widows and orphans and this man has not only experienced being an orphan, but he has answered God’s call ” Who do I send?”  In such adversity and sufferring this man praises God and his faith is unwavering.  Uganda is rocked by violence and Christian Persecution yet this man is performing God’s work. 

Kampala is the Capitol and largest city in Uganda.  Yet as in Nigeria it’s people suffer.

In September of 2016 Morning Star news reported this:  

NAIROBIKenya (Morning Star News) – While Muslim villagers continue to persecute Christians in eastern Uganda, Islamists last month killed a Christian in the western part of the country, sources said.
Amid persecution and adversity God blesses and calls His warriors to do His work.  

Here are photos from his work.

A child practices his reading with a newspaper

I am told a $5.00 donation buys much needed supplies.  

Our brother Amos asks for our prayers first and foremost, but if God has placed this into your heart here is where you can donate:
Remember we must speak out for our Brothers and Sisters, pray for them.

(Photos and story published with permission)

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