Was Forrest Gump Right?

Everyone can relate to the story about Forest Gump, a disabled youth who grew to be war hero and built a successful million dollar business by turning adversity in life into blessings. Everyone knows and quotes his famous speech:

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”.

When you look at a box of chocolates you really don’t know what is in there if you lose the guide that tells what each piece is, or if you mix the box.  Everyone has picked up a chocolate and squeezed it, and even tasted it to see if it’s good or not so good, to see if it has nuts or caramel that sticks to your teeth and causes a mess.  Or if it is your favorite.

We as Christians have a guide to test every piece, every spirit, every heart, every action of men and women, & every prophet.  Even if dillusion and lies mix it all up we are given the guide to sort it out.  The guide given by Christ.  The Holy Spirit, and His gift of discernment along with many scriptures guiding us.

But sadly many Christians have lost their guide or refuse to trust it any longer because lies have mixed everything all up, and so they have fallen for every lie and deception that the world offers.

Obama and the Democrats who are upset that their evil agenda was taken to task and exposed by the light of truth are pitching fits that rivals none other.  America found its guide to test and obama and the Democrats didn’t measure up.  To quote the Bible “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting”.  They did exactly what Babylon did they stole gold from the Temple of God, causing Christians to back sinful agendas, bow to other Gods.  They mocked God and His Son, and God finally said enough.  Wrestled the kingdom from their hands and since Satan was thrown to earth he has started a war here.  But remember we have the guide, we have the power from the Holy Spirit to shine the light of truth on every demonic doctrine and every lie.

Lets use our guide and shine some light on the war they are starting. And again I am not giving Trump any status as Messiah, or Savior of the world only acknowledging that even God used Babylon and Persia to fulfill His prophecy.  And the truth is if His people would have kept His commands they wouldn’t have been there to begin with.  But He never left them totally alone, He always sent help, albeit unlikely help until Christ that is.  And Christ fulfilled God’s word.  And He will again with His return.

Let’s take a look at their own words.  Obama used this word in describing a Trump campaign and presidency as he works feverishly to protect his dark agendas:  Improvisational and it means:  The art or act of improvising or not preparing in advance.

 In reality obama and the Democrats became so confident in their sins and believed the lie of Satan that he would give them the world, and that they surely wouldn’t die they became complacent and confident.  But they were shown the hand of God.  In a mighty wind sweeping across America.

A democratic Senator said this describing a Trump presidency said Trump was not a legitimate president.  Legitimate means,  according to law; lawful.  This election was according to our Constitution, the law of our land and still they deny it.  By their own admission Russia did not hack our system, at the most they helped to shed light on the corruption and evil agendas of our government.  Again, God sent a mighty wind of truth throughout the land, and people paid attention.

So you can begin to see what Jesus and the Apostles taught when they told us to test everything.  Examine their words with the light of truth, sprinkled with a full measure of salt and you will see what emerges.

The Muslim group CAIR is outraged about Franklin Graham praying at the inauguration and calling for him to be removed.  They said his extremist views are islamaphobic and they call for his replacement, one that believes in Islam and the many paths to heaven.  Again Satan is not happy that God has shed light on his precious plan and people.  Buckle up its going to get real.  You need to find the guide given to us by Christ and apply it or you will be tossed in the wave of deception and lose your way.

Time is short.  Time to get real!! 

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  1. Amen! I saw the CAIR “indignation”. They are a muslim brotherhood front group and are upset that they can’t push their lies and subterfuge.
    Hopefully we will see them get their mouths get shut even more.
    Watching and waiting over here.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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