Pastor Saeed Abidini Is Receiving Death Threats Because He Speaks The Truth About Islam

Pastor Saeed Abidini has received many death threats since being released from the dark prison in Iran.  Iran is known for this. This is the anniversary of his release from the torturous hands of Iran.  He mentions Spiritual attacks also.  Remember the great evil that still rules that region, Daniel speaks of this principality and how Michael intervened so Gabriel could  get to Daniel.  This Prince of Persia has not diminished, this spirit and beast is growing in power.

 He said earlier in the year that he was told numerous times while still in prison that if he spoke about his treatment or the evil regime they would find him no matter where he was.

Iran’s current regime is one of the largest sponsors of terror across the globe.  It is one of the top 3 countries of human rights abusers along with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  I don’t understand why Iran and Pakistan have been downplayed on this but the UN is finally revognizing the magnitude of Iran’s abuses, while other groups have finally recognized Pakistan while ignoring Iran.  Obama has given this beast great power and now with over 100 tons of URANIUM OK’D by him he has given them the means to destroy us and Istael.  And the UN is showing its teeth to anyone who objects.  70 nations will gather before obama leaves for good.  They will thrust this beast to even more power.

Pastor Saeed asked for prayers for protection on his facebook this morning.  Here is what he said:

My Facebook was hacked again . These repeatedly hacking can be signal of treat and Probably with Muslim extremists or maybe with Iran intelligent police because in just 4 days would be my first freedom Anniversary from Iran prison on January 16’th.

I got death treat so many times from Iran government, ISIS and Al-Qaedeh .

Most of Muslims don’t like me because I was strong anti Israel Iranian Muslim and became American Christian Pastor and one of a few pastors who says Islam is Satanic and the only way of salvation is Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

Please Pray for my security and doing Lord’s plan for my Life. I have so many spiritual attacks.


with so much Love 

Saeed Abedini

We know that many, many Christians and Pastors here refuse to call Islam what it is.  It is indeed satanic,and while we all here recognize this and report on it sadly many dont.  Muslims are converting at high rates but as long as Chtistians refuse to acknowledge Islam’s satanic roots many will not.  So many risk death, and persecution to come to Christ yet Western Christians fall right in line with the lie that there is no need for conversion as we worship the same God.  Shameful!!

Listen to someone who knows the truth, and has lived it!  Pastor Saeed has been brave enough while receiving threats to continue to speak truth.  Pray for protection and peace for him.  Pray that God uses him to bring more to Christ.  We are living in the time of the end.  Speak Boldly, and quickly the truth because time is short.  And because Pastor Saeed is speaking truth many will convert.  Many Pastors and Christians who deny the deity of Christ while touting we worship the God of Islam that denies God’s Son and Christ’s Deity will hear the words away from me I never knew you.  Jesus warned to deny Him before men would mean He will deny us before His Father.

So much is riding on this especially in Africa and the Middle East, so many are suffering at the hands of Islamists and the evils of regimes like iran.  And even other religious minorities and political prisoners who speak out for freedom.  Women and children are brutilized under this yoke of slavery.  The yoke that Jesus broke when He died for our sins and Rose again. This is the good news we are to share, that we are NOT children of the slave woman but of the FREE woman.  Why won’t they speak the truth????

God Bless and protect Pastor Saeed Abidini and all those who speak truth!


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2 replies

  1. May The LORD GOD, The Holy ONE of Israel protect our dear brother. Yes! islam IS satanic. Just look at it’s history and the fruits of this monstrous lie.

    It is SO obvious that Mr. Lying obama is purposely aiding and abetting Iran in its plan of islamic domination. No one will stop him!? He is obviously employed by those who WANT this to happen! Everyone in the normal corridors of power MUST be afraid to make a move!

    If anyone wants a quick course on the history and activities of mohammad and the beginnings of Hell-Born and demonic islam I can recommend a book by J.K.Sheindlin called “The People vs Mohammad”. It will prove conclusively that Christians DO NOT worship the same “god” as islam. Islam is a LIE from top to bottom- front to back. The book is throughly referenced from islamic sources. Prepare to be Repulsed as well as educated.

    I can also recommend David Woods youtube channel and his website for all who want to know the truth about islam and its founder. Both J.K. Sheindlin and David Wood are also under death threats from the Deatb & Rape-Cult of islam. All they can do is threaten, kill, and destroy for their little demon-god allah who IS satan..


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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